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Dyson Customer Service or lack off

Has anybody had the terrible experience I had with DYSON, 2 months on and still no sign of a refund for a faulty fan that filled my son’s room with a burning smell and tripped the RCD out


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Could you post what steps you have taken to get a refund?

If the fan fault is not disputed it should be a reasonably quick process. Anything not written and not formal is considered ‘idle chit chat’ when it comes to your rights. If it is disputed and they want to repair it, it comes to whether it is a major or minor fault as defined under the Australian Consumer Law whether that remedy is sufficient, or a refund is in order.

If you have only been communicating by phone you should consider giving the retailer where you bought it a formal letter of complaint per the Australian Consumer Law. Note the retailer ‘owns’ your problem, not Dyson, although sometime manufacturers will step up sometimes. If your retailer fobbed you off to Dyson they cannot legally do that.

While posting what you have done to obtain a refund and the status as best you can relate, start by reading your rights and the process to obtain them.

as well as Choice’s advice


I have done the following steps
1.on the 15/06/2020 call to explain that the fan had stopped working after less than 4 hours and was told I would only be entitled to a repair to which I requested a replacement they said I was not getting that. Dyson told me I had to return it to get it repaired explained that I was injured and could not go to the post office they would not arrange a collection
2. on the 15/06/2020 I emailed Dyson with my issues of not been offered a replacement
3. on the 16/06/2020 I send an email with the wording of the ACCC dispute, requesting a refund as I did not want to fan that had such poor customer service and could be dangerous
4.on the 17/06/2020 I received a call from them and they said that they would arrange a REFUND, I received an email saying I would be getting a refund and to send the invoice and other details
5. on the 22/06/2020 I received an email saying they would refund and to send back the fan
6. on or about the 25/06/2020 I sent the fan back to Dyson from Sydney to Sydney
7.on the 06/07/2020 I got an email saying they received the fan
8 on 07/07/2020 I opened a complaint with ACCC
9. on 16/07/2020 I called to be told that they still had not looked at the returned fan and that I would be getting a repair notice asap I explained that I was assured a refund by email after a long wait on the phone I was told that get a refund in 3-5 weeks, I was angry and asked for someone to call me back before COB or I would be starting legal proceedings, I received a call and was told that the would get back to ASAP
10 . on the 20/07/2020 I contacted Dyson UK headquarters to see if I could get a response
11 . on 24/07/2020 i received an email asking for the invoice again

at this stage, I don’t know what else i have to do


If you paid by credit card within the past 8 or 12 weeks credit card issuer dependent, you could ask for a chargeback credit to your account. Your records of a promised but not delivered refund should be sufficient grounds.

If you are still eligible to lodge that claim you will get a temporary credit to your account that will either be closed if Dyson refunds, or made final if Dyson does not respond to the banks query to justify why the chargeback is not applicable.

If you paid with paypal you can open a paypal dispute.