Duracell and Energiser D Cell rechargeable batteries. Totally shonky

Energiser and Duracell are both doing a shonky with their rechargeable NiMH D Cell batteries. If you read the packets closely, you might wonder why they have roughly the same capacity as good AA NiMH batteries. For example, Ikea AA’s good ones are 2450mah and Aldi are 2200mah or 2400mah depending on the batch. Even though a D cell is three times the size of a AA, the Energiser D Cell is 2500mah and the Duracell is only 2200mah! Varta are the same, as their C and D rechargeable cells are the exact same advertised capacity.

The Battery is no where near full! In fact, some are just a C cell inside a bigger case!

Aussie Youtuber EEVBlog made a really informative video showing the total shonkiness going on here. https://youtu.be/5Q1MPrgea1M


For the record a quick google search finds the average D cell battery has a capacity of 10000mah or more


Shonky, Shonky, Shonky?

They are no more than an AA rechargable installed inside a D cell sized case. Check the weight. Are the D-onkey (shonky D cells) 4-5 times heavier than a similar rated AA?

Panasonic AA Standard Eneloop batteries are rated at 2,000mah or 2,500mah for the high capacity version. From $4-$6 each.

There are genuine C and D size Nickel Cadmium (Ni-cd) and Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) rechargable batteries in the market.

The C size are very common in cheaper rechargable household products. Jcar do sell a generic brand rechargable D cell. Ni-MH
$49.95 for two rated at 9,000mah


P.s. A likely response of Energiser, Duracell to misrepresentation might rely on the mah rating being clearly shown on the packaging, and that the battery is supplied in a larger container so that it can be used in equipment requiring a D cell/s.

Shonky if they charge more than for the same rated AA battery. I’ve previously seen cheap plastic adaptor housings for sale to allow you to use your AA’s in a D cell shaped body!

Eneloop standard AA 2000mah

Energiser D 2500mah

Edit added RS components pricing.
$12.83 each. That’s right! 2 to 3 times the price of an AA battery with a similar power capacity?

Observe that price is from a reputable electrical trade wholesale supplier selling to a market that arguably should know better.


Here is another option for rechargable ‘C’ and ‘D’ cells. This one is not so shonky. It only makes the Duracell and Energiser products appear even more shonky.

These appear to be the advanced NiMH design used in the popular Sanyo - eneloop technology long life batteries.

5,000mAh for the C’s and 10,000mAh for the D-cells.
$29.99 and $39.99 in packs of 4!

Sorry it is an Amazon store.


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