Ducted rangehoods - pest control

How can I stop cockroaches entering my kitchen via the ducted range hood?


Hi @Pamela, welcome aboard. Some options…

Place a screen on the outlet, if the duct vents externally.

If it already has a fine screen in good order on the outlet, it may mean ducting is damaged and needs replacement.

If it vents internally (say back into the kitchen), then the cockroaches may be living in the ducting. This will require some form of pest control to eradicate them.


They will be attracted to the fat that collects inside. Check that the duct is entire and has no leaks, many are aluminised plastic which isn’t very substantial. Check the outlet, is there hiding place or breeding ground there or nearby? Perhaps lay baits.


Welcome to the community @Pamela,

In addition to the previous posts being generally good ways to start, identifying where the roach infestation is coming from should be job 1. Is your home a row house, stand alone, or apartment/unit, is there a body corporate (strata title)?

Roaches probably would not be coming in from the roof, but might. More common would be ceiling cavity infestations or in multiple home buildings from an adjacent residence that shares the structure, and a small gap in the ducting, or coming in on the outside of the ducting not the inside of it.

A good exterminator may be money well spent. Otherwise cleaning your range hood and filters more regularly to see how that goes and putting baits along the external walls of the ducting along the roach trails if you can access them. DIY products could be dangerous (flammable) inside a range hood or ducting because of heat and potentially flame so be wary if you are tempted.

If you suspect the roaches are originating from a neighbours residence and you are in a strata, contact your management for pest control.