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Drone fast food and medicines delivery



Where a neighbour is running a drone irresponsibly, it’s far quicker to have ‘a friendly chat’. Rumour has it, that worked very efficiently a street away from where I lived a couple of years back. Different of course when its a corporation flying them …


That may be so, but misses the point. It’s like having someone in the neighbourhood with a WiFi jammer. Any time they feel so inclined, they flick the switch and all of your ‘smart’ devices are suddenly deaf, dumb and blind. Another parallel would be someone who can get into the local electricity cabinet and just pull out wires connecting to the neighbour with whom they had a spat last week.

It may be possible to do, but is it right?


What could possibly go wrong? :thinking:


Quite a lot can go wrong. Noting larger sized drones are more than toys.

Sometimes it only takes a few to act irresponsibly to force a change on the majority.

While a standard drone has a limited range, larger drones also have the potential to operate autonomously. That may be by design (delivering pizza) or through the use of modified software.