Driveway Construction Scam

An article regarding an elderly ccouple receiving a shonky “driveway”.

Thankfully they were smart enought to prevent the scammers getting their money.

How cool is the 1957 Ford mainline ute in the article?

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I am amazed they are still at it! A bloke with “some bitumen left over from a job, going cheap” called into the Council’s airstrip last week and asked one of our Club members if we would like the access road (130m of gravel) sealed. He called the Flying Club President, who rang me (Treasurer). I had 15 years civil engineering in road works, smelt a rat straight away, but the road was owned by the Council, so told them to give him their phone number. With that he took off like a scalded cat. Had I been there, I would have gotten a lot more information from him and let the local police know. If they did get any material, I suspect it would be a quick spray of watered down emulsion.


Another alleged bitumen scam foiled.

Perhaps tarring and feathering these grubs would be a suitable punishment?


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