Dreame not acting on warranty claim - others' experiences?

In November 2021 I purchased a Dreame L10 Robovac, which worked well until late March 2022, when it stopped working and started issuing error messages relating to the main right wheel. I’ve been unable to use the Robovac since. I’ve been in touch repeatedly with Dreame’s customer service (Sydney phone number) by email and phone over the two months since late March, but their response has been that they’ve escalated the matter to a different team in their company and are awaiting a response. I also referred them to Consumer Affairs Victoria (where I live) in mid-May (as recommended on Choice’s guide on dealing with faulty products), but after emailing and calling Dreame, CAV simply concluded Dreame would not enter into a voluntary conciliation and so advised me my next step in pursuing the matter would be to refer Dreame to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, as Dreame’s business address is located in NSW.

Have other community members had similar experiences with Dreame, and have you had any success in prompting Dreame to honour its warranty obligations? I also posted on their social media pages, but they simply replied and encouraged me to email their customer service, who then just repeated the message that they had escalated the matter internally. Thanks!


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The reality is some companies are not impressed by laws or their responsibilities and agencies such as CAV are toothless beyond asking businesses to ‘please cooperate’ as per your experience.

Did you purchase it from Dreame directly or from a retailer? If from a retailer you should go to the retailer for satisfaction because under the Australian Consumer Law they, not Dreame, ‘own’ your warranty problem and are obligated to get your vac fixed, replaced or refunded.

If you purchased direct from Dreame they seem to have little concern but although it may be a long shot they might respond better after receiving a formal ‘Letter of Complaint’ sent to one of their principals (GM, MD, designated responsible senior manager – but I have been unable to identify one noting there are a few companies with similar naming). Since your vac is non-functional it should be covered by their 1-year warranty so their escalation seems curious.

You can find out about your rights under the ACL and how to write a Letter of Complaint by searching the Community for advice and relevant links. One could also be sent to the retailer (if one is involved) if they suggest or imply your problem is not their problem and they fob you off and some have received significant fines for misrepresenting consumers rights and their responsibilities.

Post if you need further advice/information/suggestions, and let us know how you go.

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Hi @dave_22, welcome to the community.

I am not sure. Their business address is Level 25, Aurora Place 88 Phillip Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia, which is listed as flexible office space. Flexible office space addresses are often used as a office to receive communications such as mail etc…and not a head office per say. The actual operations could be located anywhere including overseas.

It is highly likely it is being run from here…

And the flexible office space to provide what looks like an Australian/local front to their business.

If this is the case, upholding your rights under the Australian Consumer Law may be extremely challenging. See the section on Shopping online with an overseas business on


Thanks for the very helpful information, advice and tips @PhilT and @phb! I did purchase directly from the Dreame website so it’s them I’ll need to deal with - I’d have to admit I initially thought they would act reliably as they appear to be associated with Xiaomi, a major technology company, and they had what at least looked to be an Australian address. I’ll see how I go in pressing them further and post here if I achieve an outcome.


Hi @dave_22 Welcome to the forum . Could you please tell the country the vacuum was manufactured in ?