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Down the toilet - cleaners reviewed


Brilliant. My GM had a few staples, of washing soda, giant blocks of sunlight soap, bicarbonate and vinegar, and some dry cleaning spirit! There was some liquid ammonia under the sink too!

It all seemed to work, although the wood fired copper was a bit old school!

No micro beads of plastic or other such magic needed to help stuff up the environment either.


Brendan, this is from a Choice book: How to clean practically anything.
By S Pemberton:
To keep toilet free from germs use a mild disinfectant like lemon juice,
vinegar, or diluted tea-tree oil.
For stubborn stains: a paste of Borax and lemon juice, leave 1/2 h. then flush away.

Regarding washing soda it has been around for quite a while and it’s as wonderful as WD-40!