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Down the toilet - cleaners reviewed


Coles, Woolworth and Harpic Fresh Power toilet cleaners all scored worse than water in our recent lab tests. Purchasing these products is just like flushing money down the toilet :toilet:

However, Aldi, Janola Power Clean and White King Premium all scrubbed up well. See the full list of toilet cleaner reviews to ensure you are using the best products.



Two items for the team to consider.

  1. Why not also test and rate using the traditional bicarbonate and vinegar as another strong contender to the water only option.
  2. For those of us on septic it is not clear which if any of these products are likely to be safe to use on either powered AWTS or the older anaerobic style tank in ground septic systems.

Given the team has identified the principal agents in each product is it not just a simple checkbox that says suitable or not recommended for each option? I’ve spent hours researching individual manufacturers web sites to only come away empty handed, head aching from the spin.

No doubt most of the manufacturers deliberately choose to avoid commitment on this point because to say not suitable may imply the product is environmentally unsound and loose everyday business from more aware consumers. Some of the brands with eco or “earth friendly” sounding names are no better when you look to the ingredients lists.


Excellent points, I’ll be sure to discuss the suggestions with our product testers :+1:


I’d like to know which product is BEST VALUE FOR MONEY.

It is possible to sort on price (low to high only), and filter for the recommended. But, there is no unit pricing! So I don’t know for certain whether the sorted order is valid or not because I don’t know if the purchase price listed is for the same amount of product or not.

Could unit price PLEASE be included on that top level / summary view?


Chuckles. Unit pricing per 100ml is shown in the review IF you compare products, not on ‘the main signage’. @ijarratt would not be happy!


I like the chuckle. Love to laugh at myself
Seriously though,! I think I have mentioned to Choice in the past the benefit of showing the unit price on any initial list of recommendations in addition to when products are selected for detailed comparison. This would help people (most?) who only look at the recommendations list.


Thanks all, we appreciate the feedback


Hi @meltam6554, good point - I’ve added the price per 100ml to the top level product card now.


Thanks Ashley.
Maybe putting the UP there (when appropriate) could be included in any Choice guidelines or rules for staff putting product reviews online?


Thank you. :hugs: Much better having that Value For Money (VFM) finesse with the results.

For example, there is now apparent that there is a LARGE VFM difference between the top contenders. So the best one to purchase is now clear to me. :smiley:

I agree.


Good idea. I’ll bring it up with the team here.


I am disappointed that the review didn’t consider the long term implications of using bleach, especially given it’s a topic that Choice has covered before.


How does a product perform worse than water? Does it leave a residue or something?


From the Choice article:

Lab experts put each toilet cleaner to the test by soiling white ceramic tiles with a NASA specification faecal test soil. Using a scrubbing apparatus attached, the tiles are scrubbed. The reflectance readings are measured before and after cleaning to determine the overall score which is a measure of dirt removal.
Soil removal accounts for 100% of the overall score.

There you go - It would seem some cleaners leave more “NASA specification poo” on the test surface than a good dose of water does …

As an aside, is this how NASA came unstuck with their tiles, its not like they needed them cleaned like a toilet needs cleaning, though when they went missing they needed to clean the fan of the same substance. You’d think with all that heat they’d be self cleaning - I wonder if John Paul Larkin, rest his soul, had anything to do with it? We may never know …


Hard to imagine isn’t it? Basically the toilet cleaner in question, rather than removing soiling actually provides a lubricating coating to the stains, so your toilet brush glides over the top of it rather than biting in and removing particles.


Not that hard to imagine if the cleaner was say used sump oil?

We only need to find a source of white sump oil, although per the test results it appears some manufacturers beat us to it?


I’d like to see this (bicarb and vinegar) too.


I would ike to see both the bi carb and vinegar and the septic tank friendly included too.