Don't bother with ecoPayz

Recently I made an account with a mob called ecoPayz located over in the EU, with intent to have a virtual credit card to protect myself online and reduce the number of sites I use that have my bank-provided card info.
Such a service is provided by for US persons - set up an account, link your bank account/card to said account and generate limited-use virtual cards that can have either a one-off usage for a site you’re weary about (or don’t want your card details being possibly leaked from), or create a card with limited monthly value such as for a service like Netflix, of for a member of your family so they have a budget to work with online without having their own credit card details in the wild.

I’ve just had to spend nearly 2 weeks waiting for them to process my account’s activation as they previously didn’t know how to handle a state Photo-ID card that we use in-lieu of drivers license for those who can’t/don’t drive, as we don’t have a national identity card (unlike the EU/UK) and I don’t have a passport (never left the country).

After playing the waiting game to get my account set up and able to transfer money with, I hit up the support section to find out how to set up a virtual card for online payments - only to find out such a use of ecoPayz (both virtual card and them mailing you a card to use from your account in-lieu of a bank-provided card) is limited to the 31 EU/EEA members and thus I just wasted the past 2 weeks of waiting for nothing, beyond having an pseudo-bank account that I can use to receive money for when Paypal isn’t an option as the reason I opened said account isn’t available to me.