Domain Registration scam email - warning for customers

I have just received the following warning from NetRegistry:

"This week, several Australian domain and web hosting providers were the target of phishing attacks. It means that some scam emails were sent to our customers.

The email is easy to identify as it:

  • Comes from
  • Starts with “Hi Dear”, not your first name
  • Asks you to “renew your order: $14.85 AUD”
  • Has a red “CLICK HERE” button that takes you to a URL that doesn’t include “
  • Is signed off by “Cody Wheaton” and/or “Billing Manager”

These elements do change…"

Obviously don’t open the email, just delete it.


Yep just got that warning.

The hilarious thing about it is the scam asks for a normal domain registration renewal amount (as measured from any other registrar). NetRegistry / Melbourne IT would normally charge about $75.


VentraIP has issued similar warnings…and we have received phishing emails from domain hosts including the one we use.

Looks like thay are after domains with email attached so they can use the domain and associated email server for spamming/scamming/new phishing scams.

If they gain access to a local account, the scam/spam is likely to look more authentic and trap the unaware.


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Thanks for posting that - I received the same. The spams and scams are coming through “thick and fast” these days! I spend my first half hour of the day reporting and filtering them.

Here’s another phishing scam that’s doing the rounds:


I had to laugh at the moron scammer leaving the “t” off Government.

Makes it just so believable.


For a lot of cases, not necessarily this one,
“Those spelling mistakes are often an attempt to fool the algorithm into ‘thinking’ that it deals with a new words. When the algorithm gets a feedback from users marking those messages as spam, it adds those misspelled words or word patterns to its anti-spam filters.” [1]

In general, “Perfectly written copy actually converts less than copy with slight mistakes - most people don’t write perfectly and there’s a subconscious affinity with writers seeming more “like them” if it’s not perfect.” [2]

Maybe less people report it and just delete it when it is obvious, so it has a longer “shelf life”.

I know … it’s bizzare :slight_smile:



Very interesting @ScottQ. Another tool to add to my skeptics toolbox in the never ending battle with the scammers.