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I was with My Opinion only for couple of weeks to check how it works (IF it works). When I collected enough money to be paid via PayPal, I tried to redeem it and, guess what… my account was terminated due to “violation of terms & conditions”. While requesting a help, I got a generic answer (some rubbish about Java script, cookies etc) but no help whatsoever, not to mention tips how can I retrieve MY money. Reading your posts, I just sent them another email informing that if no one gets back to me, I will lodge a complaint. I am not sure if I have time and enough determination to fight for (only?) $20 but probably many people think similar and “companies” like My Opinion get away with scams.


Just in the interest of helping others…

I’ve been a member of myopinions since roughly November of last year. So far I’ve redeemed approximately $60 from them via PayPal in $20 batches. My account gets terminated (automatically?) each time I attempt to make a redemption, but emailing them I usually get it restored within a week or two and can then redeem my money.

Not sure why they seem to have this automatic system of terminating anyone that redeems… Maybe they’re hoping people will just walk away? I really wish it wouldn’t happen but at least they seem to restore your account if you ask. I currently have another $50 to redeem because I wanted to wait until I had more if I was going to be put out of action for a period each time.

Edit: Actually I was just able to redeem $50 this time with no termination so maybe they’ve flagged my account as definitely legit, not sure.


Thank you for sharing it. They just replied to me promising to restore my account within 2-3 business days. After redeeming money I will not continue completing surveys with them. I am not sure if I will try with other companies either. It seems like there is too much dodgy companies around.


Lenka, please don’t be put off completing surveys online, they are an excellent way to earn money. Just steer clear of those tied to the same company that is now behind My Opinions…


Yeah myopinions is about the only one I’ve had issues with so far. Pureprofile, octopus, surveyvillage etc have all paid with no problems.


Roy Morgan (OzPanel) process for reward recouping has been uneventful and easy (highly flexible where the rewards can be used).


An update: Fortunately I was able to redeem my money from My Opinion. There was no termination of the account this time.


Good to see but still a service/business that lacks what I would call good service of their participants.


I wouldn’t call them excellent as a means of earning money but they can certainly assist to get some benefit. The provision of a great deal of private information is not always repaid by a commensurate amount to what is given.


I had over 7000 points and as I was redeeming it using my PayPal account I receive a message saying my account had been terminated as a result of violations of T&C. Funny enough I had just answered one survey minutes before.
Very convenient for my opinions to terminate my account as I am redeeming.
I’m absolutely pissed off and I will write bad reviews about them everywhere that I can so nobody else waste their time with a company like this one.


Perhaps this site may also interest you for your opinion of the survey company:


… isn’t ‘dodgy’ and ‘survey site’ a tautology ?