Dodgy sales website

I recently purchased 3 items from Daily Shop (, a website I have used before with no problems. However this time one of the products did not suit our needs so I contacted them seeking advice as to how to go about returning the goods and getting a refund…
Their website states:- “Satisfied or refunded. 30 days money Back Guarantee” and “We are available 24/7 Our customer service team is here”
They do not list a phone number, only an email adress.with the message " SEND US AN EMAIL FOR ALL ENQUIRIES Your inquiry is important to us and in most cases we are able to respond within 12 hours."
In the last week I have emailed them three times with absolutely no response. They clearly have no intention of honouring any of the above statements.

To be avoided like the plague!


It isn’t looking overly promising:

The two addresses provided on their website point to two separate and possibly unrelated logistic companies (one in Sydney and other in Melbourne).

There are an increasing number of scam websites which look genuine, imitate genuine business locations and appear Australian from their URL or website, but are there to take advantage of victims.

While there is a possibly that this particular website is a sham/scam website, there is also a possibly that it isn’t - but it doesn’t look promising it is a genuine site.

Notwithstanding this, if you paid by credit card, I would be keeping a close eye on your statements for fraudulent transactions - just in case it is a sham/scam site.


It seems to be a UK operated company.

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UK.

The pretty photos of warehouses full of stock? Considering the size of our market think about whether any warehouse would be so full of random consumer goods waiting for eager buyers. If it is a genuine operation they are probably one of a number of companies ordering from a jobber type stockist who drop ships orders.

Checking your card for bogus charges as well as seeking a charge back citing their web site ‘guarantees’ seems in order so long as you are within the time period you can do that. Check with your card issuer. Best if you take screen shots of it now since some web sites are known to get ‘updated in real time’ to cover themselves.


Thankyou both for your interest and efforts. I don’t believe it is a true scam website, because I have bought from them more than once and their delivery service has been fine. The only problem I have is their complete disinterest in honouring their promises re returns.


Dodgy mob. Ordered a TV arelial but not

received. in following up all they say is “i sent it”

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Better than my experiience. At least you got a reply.