Dodgy internet technology sites - CameraSky

I purchased a photography accessory for $44 from this site (CameraSky) in July 2017. (I had previously made a $300 purchase with no issue - so I didn’t do any research on this site. I would normally check online forums to ensure they’re aren’t a lot of dissatisfied customers before purchasing). Lesson learnt. After 2 weeks I followed up as the delivery was expected to arrive no more than 1 week after ordering. I got no response but didn’t follow up until 1 month after the order was placed. I received an email that my ordered had moved to processed so I assumed my item was on the way. 6 weeks after the order I rang them and was told they were out of stock - as I wasn’t in a hurry I said I would wait the additional 4 weeks. When nothing happened again at the end of October I called and they couldn’t provided an ETA for delivery so I cancelled the order. I contacted them multiple times and threatened them twice with consumer affairs and I have just received a refund in March 2018!

I was lucky in that I would only have lost $44 but most items on their site are worth over $300 and based on the online complaints many people are out of pocket hundreds to thousands of dollars. They seem to have a structured stalling technique so that people cannot recover their funds from credit cards or paypal - which means they get to keep your money.

My advice is:

  • google the business you are buying from eg. (do this not only if you haven’t used them before but if you are using them again after a long break).
  • Cancel you order within the time limit paypal or your credit gives you for a refund.

I believe this site and a number of others are run from China/Hong Kong and treat customers with total disrespect. This seems to be a major issue in the area of cameras, lenses and photography equipment.


Thanks for sharing your experience @sandgand, also good advice to do some research before making a purchase and to know how to excercise your consumer rights. Glad you got a refund in the end too :thumbsup:


I did a search of them a few years ago when looking at purchasing a new digital camera and they were the cheapest by about 15%. But after doing a search and reading some of the terrible reviews I decided to pay the extra and purchase locally.

At the time it appeared that they were parallel importing from overseas. The website gives the impression that they are a local company, but from recollection from a few years back, if they do happen to send the order, it comes from Asia (Hong Kong?). Their website is also hosted in Arizona (US) and not locally.