Dodgy Employment Website

Feeling like a fool:
Recently unemployed, I looked to find work for Nannies and came across the website It seem to be a good site to find work as it matches families who are seeking Nannies to those looking for work. I built my profile and posted it. I have 14 years experience working as a Nanny and ticked all the boxes. I applied to more than 30 jobs in 3 days and did not receive 1 reply. I paid for premium $29.95 thinking I would get a better response from my profile getting more visibility. It did not. So I thought it was perhaps just the tough job market till I started noticing the adverts all started sounding the same but different locations and types of families.

Firsly, I sent an email on their Contact Us form and asked why I could not upload documents such as my First Aid Certificate etc. No reply. Sent a 2nd email. No reply. I rang their 1800 number which goes to Voicemail and says it is a Amazon company and to contact them via the email form.
I started sending messages asking families I apply to if they received my profiles and messages, even if I was not a suitable candidate. One reply.

I have reported my case to the department of fair trading and cancelled my subscription.

This website I suspect mines contact information to get people to subscribe but the jobs seem far and few between or are most of them even real?

A related website called gets information from (as part of my signing up) and I have been applying for other types of jobs there. It seems Amazon is getting away with setting up a Australian branch of and selling subscriptions to vulnerable unemployed people. There is an Australian ABN number with an address in Sydney but no phone number.

Sorry if I have written such a long email but had to provide details.

Yours faithfully