Do you qualify for a health insurance discount?

The easiest way to get a discount on your health insurance is to prepay your premium and pay by direct debit. Some funds give you a discount of up to 4% if you pay by direct debit or pay your annual premium in advance. Of the big five funds, though, only HBF and NIB give a discount.

HBF – 4% for direct debit and 3.85% if you prepay your annual premium, which adds up to a total discount of 7.85% if you pay your annual payment by direct debit.
NIB – 4% for direct debit.
HCF, Medibank and Bupa do not give a discount for direct debit or prepayment of

Less well known are corporate discounts offered by a range of funds

You could easily qualify for a discount without knowing it. Private health insurance legislation allows health funds to give up to a 12% discount under agreements with companies. The company can then offer cheaper policies, for example, to their staff, members or customers.

Discounts from health funds could be available through:

Your employer: Many companies have arranged corporate policies or discounts for their staff with health funds. Ask your employer whether they offer this.
Your super fund: A number of super funds have arrangements with health insurers.
Associations and clubs: Some offer health insurance discounts to their members.
Your mutual bank: Some credit unions and mutual banks have negotiated a discount for their shareholders or customers.

Check to see whether you can get a discount from


Have you been able to get a discount for your health insuance? Please let us know.


I did get a sizable discount on health insurance through my employer which had an agreement with HCF. At the time, HCF also offered a 4% discount for direct debit payments.
Very worthwhile checking with your employer for possible discount agreements, because they may not necessarily tell you about it unless you ask.