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Do you have a convection microwave? Feedback wanted

Our older Panasonic microwave globe was (best price found) $35 to hold in one’s hand unless one could go to the shop to buy. Replacement near trivial with youtube tutorials to assist. A new model Panasonic was $200 discounted at TGG. How much does one spend on an old microwave? Love the new one even more than the old and passed the old on to someone who did not mind it not having a light.


Older Panasonic Microwaves (not ones made in the past few decades) have a standard Edison screw thread (smaller thread) for the bulb. These can be replaced cheaply (for a few dollars) and even LED ones that fit.

More recent models have a bulb unit, there the bulb, mount and connectors need to be replaced each time the bulb blows…but, if one has an old microwave, the bulb socket can be removed and placed into a new microwave with a standard Edison screw bulb. We have recently done for our newer Panasonic microwave (~2006 model).


Thank you for the advice.
I shall investigate further.

Well this oven would not have grilled that either.