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Do you clean and polish your credit card?


The Apple credit card is not available in Australia ( yet ? ). Users in the USA are already upset that their card’s aesthetics can quickly decline. :roll_eyes:


I’m a self confessed Apple fan… but this card… really… what a wank!


Maybe they are polishing to see if the financial genie loads the card with more cash.


Wouldn’t want a blot on your credit… card.

Does this mean that we won’t be seeing it (in the movies) being used to make lines of white powder as the card may absorb too much?

Apple card holders will only be using contactless credit, due to all the wear that other cards get being poked into and stroked along credit card terminals. Wouldn’t want to wear the card out would we?

Will there be a choice of colours to match/complement the iPhones? You wouldn’t want the colours to clash now would you?

All very pretentious isn’t it?


Apple has a way to go to catch up. Although the banks often have their own MC/Visa Titanium or Black Cards with annual fees around $395 and modest discernible benefits above their Platinum, Gold or Signature products, Amex still looks like the winner in making a product that gets the gong for ego enhancement for a fee.



… but seriously, there’s a myriad of things I clean and polish, some are fun, but credit cards aren’t on the list.

Apple stopped being cool for me after the Mac IIci …


I don’t have an issue with the titanium level of the card, my mirth is aimed at the physical aspects of the card which is in my opinion trying to be uber-cool. :sunglasses: