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"Do not knock" front door sticker and so called "charities"


SUZIQUE, I had people ignore my do not knock sticker and trying to tell me they didn’t think it applied to them. I searched eBay and found this one It worked for me and sticker is same size as old one.


I’m not a fan of sales people & certain over zealous religious missionaries door knocking me either. But what a bunch of mean misers.
I have specific charities that I support & will probably decline a donation to some that door knock me. But to think of the trouble you want to go to, to make it illegal for good people like the Salvos to knock & ask for a donation is ridiculous.
If you really hate it that much then follow many of the suggestions above & turn your property into a fortress behind barbed wire, security intercoms & heavily locked 5m high fences.

#23 I think to call people who contributed to this post [quote=“, post:22, topic:13279”]
a bunch of mean misers.

is certainly misjudging the character of the posters involved .You say at the start of your post [quote=“, post:22, topic:13279”]
I’m not a fan of sales people & certain over zealous religious missionaries door knocking me either

Well neither are the majority , including myself , of people who contributed to this post . The Salvation Army have the Red Shield Appeal and like the Good Friday appeal in Melbourne for the Children’s Hospital we expect to be door knocked or approached at traffic lights , where safe , by "tin rattlers " to donate to them . Two things have to be taken into account .The climate with which we live in , I don’t mean the weather , is changing . In Melbourne not a week goes by without home invasions by gangs making the headlines . People , including me , are scared and naturally are bolstering their security . There was a home invasion 2 streets away from me recently . It has left the whole neighbourhood traumatised and very suspicious of strangers or people who seem "not to belong " in said neighbourhood. Door knockers could and in some cases would fit into that category.
So do you really blame people for being more diligent about their security ? , Especially in the current situation in Melbourne at the moment ?
Secondly we all have a right to privacy . A hawker or canvasser or “cold” lead door knocker by their very occupation has to , and is , invading your privacy when they knock on the door to seek to communicate with you . In a number of the above posts it clearly states your right by law how to handle any unpleasant situation that may arise . Also as mentioned above , as human beings , we are creatures of free will and have the intelligence , in most cases , to seek out for ourselves the services that are brought with out invitation to our doors . [quote=“, post:22, topic:13279”]
If you really hate it that much then follow many of the suggestions above & turn your property into a fortress behind barbed wire, security intercoms & heavily locked 5m high fences.

Society and the direction it takes in the future will govern if this statement is relevant to our country . If you or your family feel physically threatened then naturally you would take the steps you outlined . Safety is paramount to our existence . It should never be taken for granted . The landscape in this country is changing and not for the better in most cases .
Nevertheless I respect your post and your opinions . That is what forums are all about the putting forth of our ideas as we interpret them for others to discuss and reflect on . Hope to read more of your posts in the future .


Two dogs or even one would have had the same effect and saved you money. Never underestimate a blue dog.


That would constitute an assault due to threat…Police advised me to remove my sign and I agreed after talking with a lawyer so dont put threats up or you can be charged with making threats or assault! FACT!


True, even a savage dog, or dangerous dog sign is an admission. I have a sign on my gate that says “two Blue Cattle Dogs live here”. The real problem is only Australians know that blue cattle dogs are not friendly. I just hope potential visitors take notice as the two blues throw themselves at the gate.


Now there speaks a person with country experience. Never underestimate a blue. The gate and the video cameras are tax deductions as I lecture in networks, systems and other techie stuff.


I am also a person who is not fond of people coming physically to our home or using the telephone to try and con you into a thing they are selling. We have a ‘NO JUNK MAIL’ sticker on the letterbox. Of course you continue to receive junk mail until you phone the business that the mail pertains to and tell them “Hey, your not doing your business any favours by having by having people continue to drop in the junk mail.” You still will get the odd one but there is a lot less. You could do similar with people who knock on the door.


You are of course leaving yourself open to being forced to pay costs for medical expenses and such. If someone complains about the dogs you may also be open to the Local Council imposing Dangerous Dog conditions on you. You are better served by placing “Do Not Enter” or similar at your gates.


The ghost of our blue dog kept us safe for years after she died. She was well known . Not now, sadly.


Very true. I have a sign under the dog notice, it states " Electronic gate no access press bell" which starts the video cameras (6) and the intercom. I suppose they could climb the 2M solid wooden gate. Just how far you have to go to keep your privacy is perhaps the need for a drawbridge, moat and saltwater crocs. But that would mean having to feed the crocs and mossies breeding in the water would also be a problem too.


I question whether any charity that pays for people to collect donations/regular contributions is truly a charity. The not-for-profit sector is now a huge industry. The actual percent of money going to the actual cause can be very low. So much of each dollar donated gets gobbled up in salaries and admin.

So if a charity thinks it is acceptable to pay people to knock on doors and make unsolicited phone calls, it won’t get my dollar. I give to my chosen charities, when I can and will not be strong armed into giving by a paid employee.

If anyone knocks on my door they receive a polite but firm “no thank you” and a swiftly closed door. That is sufficient.


I first had 2 Do not knock stickers on and near my front door, didn’t work so I added more on door, wall beside door and on front of house, did not work so I went to a printer and made them A4 size stickers, 2 of them, they appeared to have worked.


I used to think that way, but then I realised even the Christmas Santa’s ringing their bells and those playing at stations are usually paid “performers” and in the modern world there are really very few volunteers who solicit funds.

The litmus test I use now are the reports that reveal how much of a charity’s donations actually go to their work, and how much is absorbed by fund raising and administration. Some popular charities are not very efficient in that regard when researched.

It is common that “educational programs” often are high on the lists of “deliverables”, which means distributing pamphlets, advertising that touts their work, and so on. That does not impress me, nor does a multi-million salary for an executive. :frowning:


Love this creative solution. So much better than getting angry or slamming the door.


In addition to all the above, I heard from reliable sources, if you sign a regular-donation contract, as they usually ask for, the company which employs the doorknocker, receives the full amount which you pay in the first ear!


Yes Vax2000, I must say that agree with your post in its entirety.

The Salvation Army is one of my chosen charities, that I choose to donate to on a regular basis every month.

I believe in the work they do, and will never forget that they were the only group who would go to the Front Line in the war to support dying soldiers and comfort the suffering.

My preference is to donate what I can afford, and to a Charity of my own choosing.
I will not “donate” to a charity just because I am asked to do so, and particularly if they knock on my door.

In Adelaide on a number of occasions, evil-minded thieves have knocked on people’s doors, claiming to be from one particular charity or another in order to solicit money for their own private purposes… this has given rise to much fear and dubiousness about contributing to ANY charity that knocks on one’s door.

I believe Vax2000 posted everything that needs to be said about’s post.

I would not like to think myself as a “mean miser”, nor one who is not sympathetic to others in need.

Thank you vax2000 for your post, I support it fully, and will continue to donate to my 8 preferred charities my way, and not when a stranger calls at the door asking for money.

Cheers Natalie :slight_smile:


@njfking Thank you Natalie for reading my post and the extra input you added to the discussion .



Check out for heaps of helpful info on this topic.


I am so over the continual calls from charities soliciting money from you requiring that you sign up for so much a month! We are under extreme financial duress at the moment and I just do not have it to give. It is extremely embarrassing to have to justify why you cannot donate. They just do not give up and happily advise you that they will ring again next month in the hope that you will weaken. I have now taken to blocking their numbers on my telephone so they cannot bother me. Like most people I do donate to Charities but wish to choose them and not be forced or embarrassed into donating. They are losing their battle with people now. Very sad.