Do not call register - deregistration by third parties

Has anyone registered their phone numbers on the do not call register only to find when you check that there is no record of your registration?

Why I ask this is because all of a sudden I started receiving nuisance calls from sales call centres so I thought I’d check my registration only to find there was no record of me ever having done so. I am beginning to wonder whether someone else has cancelled the registration.


I have registered mine; just checked, still there.

If you registered many years ago, it may have lapsed before April 2015…and not renewed…this would mean ones number is not on the register.

Since April 2015, registration became permanent (rather than for a set period requiring regular renewals).

If one registered years ago, it is worth checking that your number is still on the register here.

@apugsley, to remove ones number from the register, one has to give proof of identity (see form for removal here), such as the front page of a phone bill. For a third party to deregister you, they would need access to information that proves your identity.


I registered for the first time before 2015 but knew of the need to reregister and did so post 2015, still have the confirmation email.

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I had a issue for a while where i would get a heap of phone calls then i would register.Then for a month or so everything would be good then they would start flooding in again.I registered again and for another month it was great then it happened again.This went on for quite a few months.Then finally after many months things have finally been sorted.I still have the odd one but is nothing to how it was before.They do say not to register again if you have already done so.But from my experience what i did worked well.Had told them about numbers that i became aware of at the time but nothing could be done

Hiya apugsley
You may be receiving nuisance calls from overseas Call Centres. As they are situated outside of Australia they do not have any knowledge of our “Do Not Call Register”.
I have been on the Register for years and only receive calls from Overseas Call Centres.
Ask to speak to the Manager of the Company and ask to have your telephone number removed from their list immediately.

Best of luck.
Cheers Natalie :slight_smile:

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