Do Kogan have a Warehouse?

Hi Choice, I’m considering buying a small fridge from Kogan (never used them before) but Id like to know where their warehouses are, but there’s absolutely no information online.
Do they even have warehouses?
Bob Head


As far as I know there are no Customer accessible warehouses, they conduct their business online. They also sell as Dick Smith as they own that as well.

As regards quality I suggest you search the Community for the many posts about Kogan and outcomes and quality. I don’t think it will inspire you to continue with them.


They are also a platform for others to also sell through them…it would be a retailer or a distributer. They are called third party sellers. These have no real relationship with Kogan other than advertising/selling on the Kogan website and they will ship from their own facilities completely separate to Kogan.


@Saperlipopette I would consider using Appliances Online rather than Kogan for your fridge . They have next day delivery and excellent customer support .


Might as well plug Choice Shopper…

If you a Choice member, you can use their Choice Shopper Service to see if they can negotiate a better deal than you can get yourself.


Bob, I don’t know whether Kogan has a warehouse - probably has outgrown his Dad’s garage by now, but I subscribe to the notion that if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Some years ago I attended a Small business breakfast hosted by Sydney City Council. Ruslan Kogan spoke at that and described hiw he started his then small business.

He was employed by a big consulting firm who failed to use his prodigious talent well , so he used their time to build his web site.

He scored as many credit cards as he could and advertised products he didn’t have in stock at super cheap prices.

When enough people ponied up their cash, he bulk ordered from China and when the products arrived, I guess he shipped them and paid his credit card debt.

I wonder what those early customers did when they had a warranty claim.

I’m not suggesting that the now listed Kogan company still trades like that, or that he did anything illegal, but my position on what constitutes ethical behaviour would not stretch to purchasing from Kogan.

I have this old fashioned idea that if a purchase turns out to be crap, I would appreciate having somewhere to take it back.


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I think they use drop-shipping for most of their large products, based on shipping time inconsistencies from any time I’ve bought anything large from them.

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For anything as large as a fridge, I’d certainly think twice. For me in Melb, my last two large appliances (a fridge & a washing machine that I’m very happy with a couple of years on), I ended up buying from JB HiFi, of all places, & who were great on both price + delivery + installation. I have bought smaller stuff from Kogan - a 55" LCD TV many years ago, & a largeish Convection + Microwave oven that has been 100% reliable, but in both cases neither needed installation, nor was I concerned that I might need home service.


Appliances Online are very helpful and prices good.
Would recommend them for a new Fridge


I will never buy anything large from Kogan, mostly because warranties are usually with Kogan and not with the company selling the item. for example way back when, I was wanting to buy an iPhone 3GS. Kogan had it cheap as chips. I didnt buy because after protracted emails back and forth I discovered that the warranty was with Kogan, and not with Apple… This was unacceptable to me. For something like a fridge, definitely go with Appliances Online if they have the one you want at a price you can accept. The service is excellent. I have bought two washing machines, a clothes dryer and a fridge from them, over the years (the first washing machine was a mistake so it was replaced after a year)… they arent always cheapest, but you get free delivery and installation, and free removal of the existing appliance. For me, thats a huge benefit… not having to struggle to sell items on gumtree is a boon. Of course all that depends on where you live, the service isnt available absolutely everywhere.


Kogan has a number of its own brands, where it is in effect the retailer and manufacturer. Any warranty remedies will,only he through them.

They must parallel or grey import some known brands from overseas, such as some Apple products. If this is the case, Kogan is solely responsible for any warranty claim or remedy. The ACCC has more…

There are risks to the consumer when purchasing parallel/grey imported products, the main one is should the retailer one purchases no longer exist, then the opportunity to resolve faults under a warranty may disappear. Also, if the items are different to those available in Australia through usual channels (e.g. specifications for a foreign market), there could be delays in obtaining parts as they may have to be sourced from overseas.

If Kogan aren’t parallel/grey importing and sourcing products through Australian manufacturers/distributors, then what they are saying is incorrect for known brand products. In such case, a consumer has the option to go to the retailer (Kogan) or manufacturer/distributor (Apple) for warranty claims and remedies.


Its rebranding… I would not buy from Kogan even if it appears its their own brand.

Yes they do this, and drop-shipping as well. The 3GS I was briefly interested in was to be from Hong Kong and Apple at the time said it would not honour a warranty. If something had gone wrong, it would have to be sent back to Kogan and Kogan would have to send back to the HK seller… all too dodgy AFAIAC.

I don’t know thats what they do with Fridges etc, but I would not take a chance, myself.


I’ve used Appliances Online. Products and service are good and if you’re replacing an existing item they’ll take the old one away.


I have used appliances online and they were fantastic. I have bought small appliances from Kogan, but wouldn’t bother again.


Yes, in Sydney at least.

Cannot say for sure but according to the articles, Kogan is an eStore client.

If you look up “eStore Logistics” in Google Maps, you will see one in Mardsen Park and another in Bankstown.

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Welcome to the community @PaulProteus. An interesting article which reveals more than just how Kogan use services of other businesses. They are not the only e-Retailer using third parties for logistics.

Modern commerce often relies on a mix of businesses working together to provide all the services needed to deliver a product to the consumer. Kogan is listed as an eStore client, along side Temple & Webster, HairHouse and others.
About Us - eCommerce Logistics Solution - eStore Logistics

The logistics business is not tied to one retailer. It also provides services for distribution to retail outlets as well as personal online orders. In self promotion eStore Logistics is delivering the benefits of large scale modern warehousing to businesses with small footprints/turnover.

The Bankstown warehouse article and other online content advises that warehouse building is owned by a property developer. EStore have a 10 year lease on the building. Another specialist has designed and provided the storage solution. Kogan the business or the other users do not need to own any of the logistics infrastructure. Although eStore may have investors (Corporate or individuals) from some of it’s users. It’s usual for long term contracts to be agreed between the businesses involved. Partly to agree the best commercial terms, and to assure investors/banks providing the finance. Without both a project will not get off the ground.

Vertical integration where a business directly invests in and supplies all it’s needs directly is the alternative.

Does it make any difference to the consumer how an online business delivers it’s products?
Or is it how the business is managed and it’s attitude towards customers more important?

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eStore Logistics is very different to other logistics companies, as they not only provide logistics (transporting goods to the customer), but also do warehousing and order fulfilment for online companies. This is quite different to traditional logistic companies and companies which manage their own warehouses and order fulfilment.

While Kogan uses the services of eStore Logistics, it isn’t clear whether this is the only solution for such services. For example, for large items (such as furniture or fridges) which are expensive to warehouse, it is possible that they may operate like traditional business where they get their suppliers to fulfil the orders (e.g. they place an order with their supplier which produce the product and despatch it from the supplier operations (either directly or through the retailer). Only Kogan will be able to verify on how they manage all their warehousing and logistics.

If you are more interested in eStore Logistics and the services they provide, there are online interviews with Leigh Williams, the companies Managing Director as well as videos of their warehouse operations.