Do I have to accept this?

Recently Dodo send me a replacement for my modem. They send me a “code” with numbers which I shall use to send the old modem back, before 11 July, otherwise they charge me $170!. So I brought the old modem to the Post Office, addressed with this code, as Dodo told me. The girls in the office told me they can’t do anything with this code, I shall ask for a proper address. What I did. Again I got assured by Dodo, I shall write the supplied code to the parcel, and it will be OK. A few days ago I put the parcel in to a Post Box. Yesterday I got it back. I told it to Dodo. they answered :

:"I’m sorry if the modem was returned to you. However, it is very seldom
that the item is returned to the sender.

You only need to take the item (Dodo modem) to any Australia Post outlet
and quote your Return Reference number: 33L3U5127492.

Australia Post will package your item and return to Dodo, at no charge to
you. Once we receive all your item we will send you an SMS to let you know
the process is complete.

We strongly encourage you to return the modem to avoid penalty. You can
return the modem before 11 July 2021. "
Do I really have to accept this? I think, sometimes I have better things to do, then running to the Post Office and back, whithout any use!

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There are others here who can give you a more definitive answer but I think if you can show that you have made reasonable attempts to return the item according to their instructions then they have no right to penalise you. What hoops you have to jump through to make that stick is another matter. Make sure you keep all correspondence from the Post Office to show as evidence of your actions.


That is a tracking number Auspost issues on receipt of a prepaid shipping label information.


In my experience I have always received a printable label with the address not just a tracking number, and I had to pack the item myself.

However companies that used courier services often had a collect, pack, and return service so it looks like Auspost is competing.

Rather than have recursive back and forth with Dodo you might best contact Auspost to enquire what to do.

The chatbot can be used to connect to a live agent or you can ring 13POST between 8AM-6PM. Email can be tedious but if you are not ‘free’ during the day it might be easiest?

As for waiting for Dodo to charge? Dodo has a certain reputation from years ago. They may or may not have changed, but in the OP’s situation I would much prefer trying to get the modem back to them than have them incorrectly debit me and try to straighten it out after the fact.


Maybe the issue is labelling the package with XYZ rather than walking up to the counter and using the reference number and using it to post. Maybe Australia Post print out the label under this reference.

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That is what I would have expected, but Dodo clearly shows

so there is understandable confusion.


They say present…not to write it on the package…

Using the code as the address may be the issue…rather than giving the code to an AusPost counter staff.

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Good catch. Noting it is implied the modem was already packaged since


Any competent postal employee should have at least recognised it as a tracking code and checked it in their system.

When one gets a prepaid return but cannot print the label at home, one can supposedly take the tracking code to a post office and they will print the label as a standard procedure.

@siegrist seems to need to take the modem to the post shop, tell them the code is for them to print the label and post it. Since he has already spent time, contacting Auspost prior to attending again should simplify his next visit so he knows what to say and expect.


I was thinking and going to comment likewise, but have learnt that one can never assume anything. As they say, the only common thing about common sense, is it isn’t common.


But the two girls behind the counter in the Post Office didn’t know what to do with this “code”. Am I committed to explain to them,or find out what they have to do with the code ??
Why can’t dodo supply an address which all understand?? OK, I wrote the code as an address, but that’s what I was instructed to do!

It appears yes. I would be saying that it is a product to be returned to Dodo and that this is tracking reference issued by Dodo for the product. Say they you believe they need to print a label to fix to the package.

I suspect that Dodo issue the tracking number so they they know that it has been posted and can be tracked automatically in their system.


I regularly post the same. In this case it was an observation not an assumption. They seem possibly over employed.


As PhilT mentioned, you should have been sent a label and not a code.

I had a similar issue with MOSAIC brands.

In fact you wrote
“Australia Post will package your item and return to Dodo, at no charge to
you. Once we receive all your item we will send you an SMS to let you know
the process is complete”.

MOSAIC sent me the same message when I was asked to return an incorrect item. I wrote back indicating “my liability ends when I hand over the goods to AusPost and not when you claim to receive (or not receive) the items. After all, what’s to stop you saying you did not receive the items or you received them but they were damaged”?

Rather than to-and-fro emails, I added a clause to my email informing MOSAIC that “to ensure the item is returned and I am appropriately refunded, I propose to return it to a store not by this weekend as you asked but within 4 weeks as I do not plan to visit a store (none of which are within 20 kms of me) in the next 2-3 weeks”.

They accepted this recommendation. I went to a store 3 weeks later with the item and a statement for the staff to sign, reading:

On this day (name of staff member) took possession of 1 x 34" olive green trousers in excellent condition from (customer’s name) in regards to online order ( #XYZ)

For good measure I emailed MOSAIC that night to advise them and 4 days later head office confirmed they received the item and 3 days thereafter I was refunded.

I believe that Dodo has kiosks, outlets and resellers in some parts of the country. Try asking them if you can return the item in person to such a location instead of posting given your numerous attempts.

Good luck.


Possible that the Aus Post staff member is being lazy/uncooperative. Recently I took an addressed reply paid, packed parcel to the Post Office and requested tracking. I was told “we don’t do that”. I asked why I couldn’t have tracking - no sensible answer. I persisted and asked if I could pay for tracking - eventually he agreed to scan and provide me with a tracking number (no charge).


You have to realise that many post offices are franchises. Those who own, run, and work there are not Auspost paid staff.
They can and do operate their business how they see fit.

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Ours could not be more helpful or happy to help solve your problem. They share similar angst when the system also fails them as franchisees.

Out postie on the Honda is also great.

The community is too small to not be polite.

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Our local LPO even sells crab pots that fold up like an umbrella.

Bet you won’t find them for sale at a GPO.

I don’t know if it’s a franchise or not - probably is. But I’ve never had a problem getting tracking there before. I had not encountered that staff member before.

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You are the customer @Phloesmum, and you know what services are supposed to be provided, like tracking.
So if you encounter an ill-trained service person again, you know how to deal with them. They will learn.

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After 6 yrs with dd, no problems then an American company bought them and the problems started with endless connection problems and USA fast speaking faults people that could not be understood. I soon packed it in. The publish this. How do I return my hardware?

  • You’ve let us know that you no longer require your hardware.
  • Shortly after you will receive a return code via SMS and email.
  • Take the hardware to your preferred Australia Post store and present the code to have your return packaged and processed free of charge. If you do not have the code already, please contact us on 133636.
  • Keep your receipt as a record of your return. * Please return the handset within 30 days to avoid a handset non-return fee.
    Note.That is a contract in writing. If you have a written statement about the return it ‘qualifies’ the contract and once you have a written notice from post shop that their code is unacceptable, you have fulfilled the contract. You would need to advise them the facts and state that they send you one more code that works or they will have to arrange the pickup. You are home and out.(please note I have legal training but you accept or reject this advice yourself.)

Hi @Mac-in-brisbane, welcome to the community.

I think you have outlined how to return the equipment from Dodo.

  1. You will need to contact them to get a return code (this will be a tracking number issued by Dodo for you to use to return the equipment).

  2. Go to Australia post with this tracking code and tell the Australia Post staff that it is a tracking code issued by Dodo to allow you to return the contents of the parcel to them. The staff at Australia Post should then look up the tracking number of their computer system and print out a address label to adhere to the package. They should they take it off you and arrange for its deliver to Dodo.

If you write the return (tracking) code on the parcel, it isn’t an address and will be rejected by Australia Post. The return code is that used to generate the address label at Australia Post by Australia Post staff.

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