DIY Portable Dishwasher - can you can add castors to a freestanding?

Can you just uncscrew the adsjustable legs and put castors on?

Umm, why are you asking? There are hose connections for in and out. Which is not conducive for portability I would think.

Back in the 1980s, my parents had a freestanding Dishlex dishwasher with casters. At this time there wasn’t a space in the cabinetry for a dishwasher and much of the kitchen cabinet space would have been lost with trying to build it in. Hence a dishwasher on casters so it could be moved around the kitchen out if the way as much as possible. Water connection was through a click on/off fitting installed on the kitchen faucet and waste water by a return hose in the sink, which discharged from the base of the faucet connector. There are relatively inexpensive conversion kits for faucet connections online so the connection type is easy to change.

While dishwasher on casters is possible, there are some considerations. The dishwasher will be higher with a greater gap underneath - if casters are to allow the dishwasher to be moved in and out from under the kitchen bench, will it still fit under the bench? How water and waste water connections will work if it is planned to have the dishwasher full mobile? Will the kitchen flooring survive movement on casters? Will flood protection systems work with faucet connections - a manufacturer should be able to answer this?


No there is more to it. As Greg pointed out there are special fittings for incoming and outgoing water on movable dishwashers.

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Our first dishwasher, we were renting was freestanding and moveable. It came with a set of wheels and as mentioned in prior posts a tap adaptor. It did a good job across 4 homes, as DW were not an everyday feature back when. It had finished side panels with insulation. It was relatively noisy from memory.

Our current Miele was marketed as free standing. That says it’s supplied with a special top panel, and does not require a “built in” trim kit. It still required an under bench connection to the water and drain. Perhaps Miele and others (brand specific) offer an adaptor kit for in sink connection? We did not enquire.