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DIY Dodgy Solar Panel Plans


An article regarding building your own solar panel system which claims to be 100% efficient in comparison to around 15% for convential solar panels.

The part I liked best was the claim that MIT made the discovery but kept it secret rather than commercialise it, no doubt at the behest of Big Energy, but not secret enough to keep it hidden from old mate.

An amusing way to fill in your Sunday afternoon so long as you don’t end up throwing up.


The ‘patriot-advance-report’ web site name suggests it is rubbish designed to appeal to American far right conspiracy types. People who disavow science and believe these things are real and work as advertised are also allowed to vote. The salesman might be their next POTUS.


Isn’t he already the POTUS? Or maybe he is the golfer, or the hotelier or the Tower owner…which one was he again?


For some strange reason my brain doesn’t recognise more than three letters as an acronym. One too many management re-education camps (oops, improvement workshops) deriding TLAs.

I keep seeing the word POTTY. In more ways than one. :flushed: