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Dishwashing Liquid Review

The results are in on our 2022 dishwashing liquid review. Some big brands such as Aldi have changed ranking since we last lab tested the detergents, and we’ve also included a number of ‘dishwashing spray’ products that have since entered market (spoiler - some do not work well!).

The full review is available here:

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I am confused! In a previous testing of dishwashing liquids, Choice recommended the Aldi product. This latest testing rates a Morning Fresh product as the best. ???

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Hi @Vivalgos, welcome to the community.

Store branded products can change regularly, especially when they retailer goes out to the market place to get better prices for their own store branded products (they don’t make products themselves but contract the manufacture and supply to other companies). Retailers do this to allow them to reduce their prices and try and maintain their competiveness. As a different manufacturer (or even the same one with different more cost effective formulation) may now make the detergent, it can result in the product being different over time. As a result, store branded product formulations can change significantly over time causing them to perform differently.

Store branded products are generally driven by price and their price point on the shelves…and not necessarily performance. Sometime as indicated by the Aldi product in the past, they manage to hit both. Other times (like indicated in the current review), their performance can be less compared to past formulations.

I have also moved the post to a thread about the 2022 Dishwashing Liquid Review.


A similar thing happened a few years ago: Fairy Platinum was rated the best (so I bought, and used it for a long time) - it was displaced in the next lot of testing!
I was advised that the manufacturers had changed the formula…

How the mighty are fallen! The current Choice test now has it at/near the bottom.

PS. If it is any comfort for you - I swapped to Tandil Ultra based on the previous test’s high rating; have found it to be more than OK for my needs - and at $0.90/100mls cheaper than the Morning Fresh, it will stay that way - at least until my existing supply is all used.


A few years ago I found Coles Ultra Concentrate dishwashing liquid excellent. I even washed my car tyre rims with it. But I notice in the last year or so that it hasn’t got the oomph it once had. I’m now inclined to use the very cheap Earth Choice and just use a bit more.


Yes. I’m sticking with the Tandil Ultra. Works for me!


If you only shop at Aldi, maybe it might be worth trying Aldi Unamat Dish Washing Liquid as it rates higher and recommended by Choice (compared to Aldi’s Tandil Ultra). You can then see if Choice is right in relation to current formulations of both detergents.

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