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Dishwasher Repair Costs

In January 2021I called Nationwide Appliance Repairs and book a service call. I had told the service call centre the model of the machine and what was wrong. I did expect that the service man would have had the part on board. $154 for the service call, plus $128 for the part, $25 for postage and $80 for labour, plus GST - total $410.30. I was absolutely gobsmacked by the cost. The reason I went for a repair is that I am mindful of my footprint on the earth. The cost to repair a door latch was nearly half the cost of a new dishwasher.

To be fair to the company. I responded to their quotation in similar terms to above. A principal of the company telephoned me this morning (19/1/221) and I reiterated that at no time was I advised that the service technician would not have suitable parts on board to repair the dishwasher and that a second call would be required to repair the machine. I said I am aware of the capital costs involved in carrying parts, but that I thought there would be a “warehouse” type facility in Adelaide that would carry the necessary parts. He offered to repair the dishwasher for the cost of the part. I told him it was too late because I had already gone out and bought a new machine and that people should be made aware that the technicians do not carry parts and a second call would be necessary if parts are required.

The principal of the company called me again today (21/1/21) and said that he had gone over the phone call with the call centre staff. He acknowledged that I had not been told that the service man would not be carrying parts on board. He will address this with the staff and said he would ask them to let future customers know that if the part is not on board with the service personnel, then a second call would be required with additional costs. Had I known that was the state of play, I would not have had the dishwasher repaired. I would have purchased a new one straight away. He did ask me if there was any other remedy - i.e. a refund of the cost of the call out. I said no, that the service man had done his job and I had paid as I expected to.

The company tried to get me to change my review on Google Reviews, but I said no, this is what happened and that the general public should be aware that the costs can escalate to a point where it is not economical to repairman appliance.

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Thanks for posting your experience and warning others to ask ‘the questions’ and be prepared.

It seems Nationwide was reponseive and tried to do the right thing by you.

As for your explicit experience, it is common that techs do not have all the parts in their truck for many reasons, some that you elaborated on. I had a dishwasher repaired a few years ago and the tech advised he had the most common parts on board for the make, model, and problem, but the manufacturer used many different versions of the same functional part (not interchangeable) and I was unlucky to have one of the less common. I believe he was genuine.

It is typical when they do not have the part the 2nd call-out is not charged, nor is postage for them obtaining the part although it may be hidden in their costing.

Call out fees usually include attendance and some time, often 15 or 30 minutes typically used for troubleshooting, with additional time metered in 15 minute increments. While you bill was obviously more than you anticipated using my local cost structures it seemed fair, although obviously unexpected.