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Dishonest pricing


They’ll use very trick in the book.

Thank you for the link. If back at work in Jan will get a pair. For now need to pay a dentist off. One appointment down, hopefully only one left, if not then 2… totally not planned.


It is a bit unfair to compare a bricks and mortar shop with ebay (on or off shore) but perhaps this disparity and that

reflects that Australia has dishonest pricing (or close enough) across the board, commonly known as the ‘Australia tax’.

Just ordered a new remote from the UK via ebay. After GST it was $62 delivered. A local ebay merchant only wanted $77, GST included w/free shipping :roll_eyes:


I agree, we pay through the nose and I am fine with buying books/CDs/ DVDs online but when it comes to items that need warranty I buy locally.

Many retailers now have ebay stores. It the item costs $80 in USA we shouldn’t pay more then $200 here(taking in to consideration exchange rate and the fact that $80 is a sale price)


These are for the wired ones, which are considerably cheaper than the wireless ones (HN advertised ones). Not comparing apples with apples, but an apple with the branch still attached.

The eBay ones are also branded UK versions…maybe materials are different since the UK is cold climate compared to the Aussie hot summers? There may be issues with warranty claims if there is a fault if they happen to be different to those marketed in Australia.


Warranty would be different and we will not be covered. have to wait til back at work, as dentist bill already took a chunk of my playing money and still not done.


OT but you reminded me of Japanese trade barriers and specifically to imported snow ski’s. After being pushed to the wall the Japanese government funded a study to see if foreign skis were appropriate for Japanese snow and other creative ‘policies’. A few entertaining examples are from this dated item.

Then there are those few extra letters in some product numbers so prices cannot be compared as the product numbers differ.

True, good catch. The wireless ones are currently $USD169.99 (about $AUD245) on amazon.


I originally started the thread as HV lied about pricing… the thread like they always do evolved.

My original statement stands… they lied about the pricing. The only good thing they are for is price match when and if their prices are lower and DJ / Myer can price match.