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Dishonest pricing


On a look out for noise cancelling headphones.

Since sales around the corner had a look at Choice, then product web site. Was saddened to see that only Havey N stocks them.

The day I checked they were on sale 20% off $314… Two days later they were $448 as the sale has ended. I can still count and 448 less 20% does not make $314.

Received an email, pre boxing day sale. checked and they are $448 and apparently it’s a clearance price.

Asked the person online , was told that $448 is clearance price and was told that RRP is around $549. Asked him why he is telling me lies. he killed the chat.

Have snap shots of $448 no clearance tag and one from today with a clearance tag.

When will Gerry will finally be punished for things like this?


What make and model?


AKG n60nc wireless on ear


Gerry Harvey is only interested in his bottom line. I do not shop at Harvey Norman as they are always very expensive, sometimes their sale prices are good. Also been conned too many times going into store and no product, admittingly a few years ago. Watch for Bing Lee and JB HIFI sales or shop online. Even with the international 10% GST added and postage the price is generally cheaper, especially during the sales such as Black Friday and Boxing day. The exchange rate is a bit of a killer at the moment. I am also aware that some manufacturers repackage products under different names & models and make them exclusive for a given retailer. Always check the product specifications.

#5 shows them at $449 - unavailable, suggesting it is an old model. That $1 clearance discount is special for us :roll_eyes: .

FWIW I reported another one of our great ecommerce sites that was rorting the RRP claim by about 50%, with evidence, and the ACCC went missing and could care less.


Typical Harvey Norman dishonesty.

Around 12 years ago, when our piece of junk Kleenmaid dishwasher flooded our home, I went shopping for a Bosch fully-integrated dishwasher.

I visited the specialist whitegoods store in Cairns, Status Plus, who stocked the full Bosch range, The Good Guys, Myer and Harvey Norman.

The young person at Myer said that he would have to check price and availability and call me back, which he did, and he said that the model was a specialist dealer only item.

The person at The Good Guys said that they did not sell it as it was a specialist dealer only model.

The charlatan at Harvey Norman simply asked me how much I had been quoted, and when I told him, he said that he would go $100 cheaper.

Never let the truth get in the way.


It appears that the n60nc isn’t available on the HN website anymore. I wonder if they have run out of stock through their $314 special and may have kept advertising online until recently thinking they may get restock (but as @TheBBG has indicated, it is a discontinued model so only stock that hasn’t be sold will that that which will be available. If HN has cleared out their warehouse and the Australian distribute also don’t have any stock either, it is likely that it won’t be able to be purchased in Australia unless some other retailer (such as specialist hifi store) has floor stock.

It would be interesting to see the screenshot of the email advertising it for $448 clearance as if this is the case, it would fall into potentially misleading or deceptive advertising,…especially if they are no longer available and have been discontinued.

The AKG website (US) has them advertised for US79.95 each (from a US249.95 RRP). It seems that this is a clearance price. If you are desparate for this particular model, maybe contact the AKG US and see if they will post them to Australia.


Just a bit of friendly advice Anna .If I were you I would be looking at the Sennheiser Range of noise cancelling headsets . Their price point seems to fit into what you have budgeted for . [The ones shown here are great performers at their price point .The link here is to a well priced set of Sennheisers


Oh i know! Sadly only they sell the headphones or I’d be looking else where. The person in the chat thing told be if I buy now he could do me a deal…

I remember when everything was hit with middle man price (books and CDs) started shopping on amazon and even with exchange rate 0.65 i saved a fortune, and I paid for postage.

I’ve done my homework and thought that around Chrissy they would cost closer to $200, as the manufacturers site states out of stock.


Could also mean they’ve sold out. Interestingly USA is selling them now for $80, great discount for this time of the year…


Still on their site

Was not looking for wireless but only they came up. The cable headphones are $300 and with Christmas hoped to pick them up for around $200. As far as wireless are concerned $450 is to expensive and still hoped for 50% off as no one rushes to buy them.


Thank you! Will start looking when back at work… now on forced holidays as the company are shut for 2 weeks and they aren’t sure how much work there will be when they re open. next big bill is plumbing, he is booked to come in as soon as he is back from holidays.


These ones are US$179.99 (-AUD250)…

Thanks for the HN screenshot…didn’t come up in my searches this afternoon…only got page not available response. The HN seems odd and wonder if there is a pricing error? A bit odd that the clearance price =RRP…especially when in the US it is heavily discounted.


Not an error, they are trying to sell RRP as discount item as the guy told me that RRP is around $549. So I asked him why he is telling me lies. He killed he chat before I could get a screen shot of it.


This may fall into fslse claims under the ACL. See dot point 3 under examples in this link…

It may be worth lodging a written complaint with HN directly, to gain a formal response. This can then be used to take the matter further, if required.

If you use their web form, make sure you keep a copy of what you sent.


Thank you! i always find the best way to deal with businesses ike that is not do deal with them.

I think $314 was a mistake and now they are trying to recoup money that they lost. It’s not a necessity, but nice to have.


This is not related to Harvey Norman or headphones but is a recurring situation that I believe is equally dishonest, although the impact is lower.
Drive past any fuel outlet and you will see the prices displayed to one decimal place. i.e 129.9
Check your invoice/sales docket and you will see that you have been charged 129.99
On a 60 litre tank-fill, this is about 6c which the retailer is not entitled to.
I made this complaint to ACCC months ago… still waiting to hear back!


Send them a reminder.I brought up Harvey N as I just encountered this problem. Way to many businesses get away with it, as people cannot be bothered complaining, questioning it or even doing their homework.

Now they dropped the price to $313 but I had a major dental problem and headphones are on hold.

Interestingly another brand was advertised by JBHI at full price and now they pulled it offline during sales.


I looked at my recent Woolies Caltex charge docket for 138.9 (98) and it was charged correctly at 138.9. Allowing for digital processor precision the cross check displays as 138.89698231 on my HP42.


currently $313 on clearance at hardly normal
$229 Ebay