Discord free VOIP

As I am involved in quite an amount of online gaming I need to communicate with other players . Typing to them seems tedious and unnecessary . Till recently I paid $20 US a month for 50 slot (Slot= person ) server . Some time ago a friend told me about Discord . He said it was free and that it was easy to install was as good as Team Speak3 blah , blah , blah.

About 3 months ago I decided to download the client and try it . Wow what a surprise I got . Very modern and easy to use interface . Relatively easy to set up , advise you read their Web site . And it cost me nothing . It is free to use . I have my own server up and running now and talk on a daily basis to friends all over the world . They must download the client , it supports Mac , Android Windows etc and I send them my user code which they cut and paste . Simple. If you have any gamers in the family or simply want to set up a well though out VOIP app to keep in contact for free with friends try Discord . Recently took part in a game development “round” table on YouTube . We used Discord for Audio . Worked flawlessly .I’m not connected with the Discord developers , I just like things that work well and cost me nothing :smile:

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Maybe down the line a bit we could set up a Discord server for this forum . Would be nice to have a chat with contributors . Get to know each other better . Just a thought

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I love discord, used to be a teamspeak fan too. Think a server for choice would be great


Discord can be used right from your web-browser at discordapp.com :smirk:

I remain suspicious of how they afford the infrastructure, but I have to concur; fantastic program, fantastic service, fantastic developers.