Disadvantages in using a smaller health insurer rather than the majors?

Small health insurers like HCI have lower premiums for equivalent cover to the majors - what are the practical downsides - example - treated with lower priority by hospitals for a private room compared with insuring through a major?

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Welcome @Ari1 to the community.

The private health insurance is very heavily regulated and monitored.

A larger insurer may offer corporate discounts that smaller insurers don’t. I joined my current large provider, HCF, because they offered a good premium discount to employees of the company I worked for.

Larger insurers may have more ability to do deals with private hospitals to keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum. But some smaller insurers like HCI, are just as good in this regard according to a Choice review.

On the other hand, for profit insurers like Medibank, have to factor in profit to distribute to shareholders. Their premiums would have to be higher.