Dinosaur Festival Australia

Dinosaur Festival have been coming to Wallsend for months. The “festival” has been postponed multiple times, and now promises to come in May. Many people have attempted to obtain a refund for tickets and the local State MP has tried to help but DFA are refusing to respond to emails… Dodgy as hell.

I’m not someone caught out, it looks really woeful, but many have bought tickets and time after time are ignored… The only contact method appears to be via a contact form or an email address info@. If you read some of the pages… eg FAQ you’ll see that English s not the first language of whoever wrote the website and whilst that is not an indicator of dodginess in itself, when combined with everything else, you have to wonder.

Not looking too clever when you investigate the site’s registration

Anyone had anything to do with this lot?



dinosaurfestivalaustralia.com is now an expired domain.

edit: BUT That is a different URL to



The events appear legitimate…

But from reviews, it appears that the advertising materials/photos used and what one sees is very different.

7News also had a story on the ‘festival’…


Note, that was a year ago and perhaps they did issue refunds. My issue is that here, locally, they have been coming soon for nearly a year and people are getting fed up. I know, it doesn’t affect me personally but it really annoys me that people like this can continue to trade.

Using a different URL… ha. old trick. I’ll pass it on to our MP who continues to chase them.

[edit] Which might be pointless as the old domain now points to the new one.

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This is just a test as he forum does not seem to be working.
[edit] How odd the message appeared immediately, perhaps the members are all having a day off before DST ends.

Possibly working if it was not before?

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