Diet pill reviews – which weight loss pills work?

The evidence around weight loss pills is pretty sketchy. We take a look at diet pills:


It appears that the main ingredient is snake oil.


Glucomannan (konjac) is interesting stuff. It is usually used as a bulk ingredient or thickener.

When hydrated it looks like clear jelly. It can be formed into shapes such as risoni. It is colourless, odourless, tasteless, has zero kilojoules and the texture of cold snot; imagine tiny clear jellyfish dipped in thin tasteless oil.

It is said to make one feel full and so reduce food consumption. I have my doubts as the feeling of hunger has more to it than the amount of bulk in your stomach. Unlike some bulk ingredients like semi-soluble fibre and insoluble fibre there are no benefits to gut health from konjac that I am aware of.

In tablet form (not hydrated) it is going to suck up water from your gut so if you take them drink plenty of water. If you can stomach the gel form you are a better man than I am Gunga Din.


They are guaranteed to thin … your wallet.


I eat at some meals the Konjac Rice and noodle and jelly replacements. Both the rice/pasta type adsorb the flavour of the meal they are mixed with, the jellies are nearly as good as a normal diet jelly (not on par with a non diet type though). Mouth feel is a little crunchy/crisp type of texture reminiscent of Agar jelly, not an exciting edition but not bad either. As it is nearly 0 kj to add the product and can help you feel fuller on a diet it just becomes another tool to use in weight loss.

The tablets however seem a Con and a pricey one at that.