Diarrhoea relief

I recently discovered that LOPERAMIDE HYDROCHLORIDE 2MG is available as a prescription medicine and it makes it much less expensive to buy it that way.


You certainly can’t risk getting diarrhoea now in the midst of a toilet paper drought.

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That is an excellent point many people are not aware of and it applies to many OTC-available medications, not just loperamide hydrochloride. However it is not always the case the prescription is cheaper, especially if one is not bulk billed or is time poor to attend a GP.

Those who need to buy this one in larger quantities are the ones who can get the best cost savings and as with any medication, generics and house brands are considerably less cost than the name brand when getting a script filled.

To the medicine referenced, 10 2nd tier branded boxes of 12 are $45.20 today, but if one can get an ‘authority script’ 20 2nd tier branded boxes of 12 are only $40, or $52.70 for the same quantity of the name brand. For reference, the 2nd tier brand shows $8.49 for 20. Roulette anyone?


Heartburn and acid reflux treatment, Pariet 10 mg (Rabeprazole) is available over the counter for 10 tablets for $15. Double the strength 20mg is available on prescription for $6.50 for 30 tablets.


Yes, that would be really shitty, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

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I get 20 boxes for $5.60 on prescription. After I had my gall bladder removed, my Gastropod proscribed them. Life saver !

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That is awesome! PBS concession or safety net price?

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Patients can also have a prescription provided for the lower dosage 10mg brand name or generic product which reduces the cost to the PBS scheduled price of $6.50 for a pack of 30. For this you do need to see your GP, which may be the best advice offered to anyone using the medication on a regular basis.

There are several different product options (pharmacology) of this treatment, as well as levels of dosage. There are potential side effects and incompatibilities with some other medications.

The over the counter option is only available in the lower dosage and limited quantity. This is common with some other medications, where limited lower dosage quantities may be available for short term self treatment, as over the counter products.

I noticed one brand (Zanzole), recently promoted by TV advertisements. It is being pushed as a special formulation product that delivers a 24hour treatment. In true marketing spin, the standard product it is an alternative for also has a once a day 24 hour efficacy. :roll_eyes:

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