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Diamond Energy 25% Tarriff Increase From July 1, 2022

Last month I switched to Diamond Energy after reading the choice review saying “Diamond Energy provides power to 13,000 customers across Australia, generating electricity solely from renewable sources. The company claims to provide more sustainable power than their competitors, at an affordable price.”

I understand that coal and gas prices are increasing due to the war in Ukraine and our dysfunctional energy market here in Aus.

However what I don’t understand is why those factors would cause green energy prices to jump by over 25% from July 1. I mean, it’s not like Putin is throwing shade over Australian solar farms.

I have an email from them saying the all day rate is jumpnig from 23c/kWh to 28.33c/kWh. That’s a nearly 25% increase. Talk about post purchase dissonance!

Anyone know what’s going on there?

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