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Diabetes Treatment Research

An interesting article regarding helping prevent Type 2 Diabetes.


Another article regarding research into Type 2 Diabetes in children.

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An article regarding research into a compound found in avocados helping prevent diabetes.

An article regarding research into preventing and treating bone fractures in diabetes sufferers.

A couple of articles regarding research into using venemous cone shell insulin for treating diabetes.

An article regarding best food choices for diabetics.

2020 Australian of the year, Dr. James Muecke - ‘Blinded by Sugar’

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Stopped listening as soon as he said its caused by too much sugar in the diet. That is just wrong. There’s a whole host of reasons T2 happens. Its not just about the sugar. Sugar is bad for us, but its not what caused it. I’ll go back to my usual sources of information…

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Interesting site I’ve not come across before. The recommendations bloodsugar101 align with James Muecke’s solutions to preventing the damage caused by Type 2 Diabetes; Avoid sugars and refined carbohydrates (which quickly become sugars once you eat them).

The site has a very strong emphasis on genes causing diabetes, and there is little doubt that genes have a very strong role in the development of T2D. But the solution (eat low carb) seems to suggest that diet must also be the cause?

I very much agree with the author’s defense of T2D sufferers, there is a lot of victim blaming. (Here is an interesting perspective from a, now reformed, victim-blaming doctor; Peter Attia TED talk from 2013.)

If you follow the current dietary guidelines which are very high-carb a lot of people will still develop diabetes, which would hardly be their fault. Similar story with sugar, it’s such an addictive substance yet the current dietary advice is not to avoid but to limit. Dietitians trot out the sweet-sounding line “you can eat anything in moderation” in their steadfast defense of sugar.

From our very own Dietitians Association of Australia (Now Dietitians Australia)

Many people clearly struggle with limiting their intake of this very addictive substance, and again, this isn’t their fault. What you ate before you had a say in the matter can develop into a powerful addiction. If someone is addicted to alcohol/nicotine/cocaine, the best advice isn’t to limit, it’s to get to a position where the person can avoid entirely. I recon the advice for sugar should be the same.

However, anyone considering a low-carb approach to treating diabetes does need to be very careful, it’s likely they will need to reduce or stop some medications. So it should be done with support from a doctor.

Enjoyed this one from bloodsugar101: The Glycemic Index Is a Scam.

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Diet is not the cause, but it is the “cure”. Or at least the way to mitigate. I try to stay under 50g carbs daily. Some stay under 25. I can’t


Well done! How has going this low carb (it’s basically a ketogenic diet with carbs under 50g) worked for you? I went very low low-carb two and a half years ago and I absolutely love it.

You might already be aware, but there is a large clinical trial of low-carb as a treatment option for T2D run by Virta Health in the US.

The two year results are pretty stunning

I’ve also posted some other recent research on the ketogenic thread:


It keeps my BGL inside the recommended range. I lapse from time to time with the expected results. I am not losing weight because of that. Love my tucker :slight_smile:

An article regarding research into treating Type 2 Diabetes.

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Saw that one this morning. I hope I am still alive when they call for human trials.


An article advising that Australians living in regional and poorer areas receive poorer treatment for type 2 diabetes.

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Probably also a lack of good medical service availability so no good oversight of the treatment and blood results (including being able to get them regularly done).


An article regarding research in Melbourne into treating Type 1 diabetes.

And an article regarding research into Type 2 diabetes.

A new diabetes treatment drug also treats heart problems in patients.

Another article regarding research into Diabetes.

Researchers have found that using chick pea flour instead of wheat flour creates white bread with a low GI.