Devanti Bar Fridge / Bunnings service response

Bar fridge purchased 18/12/21, delivered 30/12/21. Switched on 2/1/22, and set to 3 degrees. Immediately observed by numerous people to be extremely noisy when cooling (presumably the compressor but unable to get any answer from Devanti to date) Audibly rattles when compressor turns off, and heats to 7 degrees (I’d like 3…) before going through same cycle. Reported to Devanti, who have yet to take action, despite multiple reports, response to their questions etc. Apparently referred to vendor (Bunnings) who, despite the product being sourced via their website, and the purchase being transacted to Bunnings, claim a further 3rd party (“Timeless Living”) responsible, and that they’re happy if I return it but I’d need to pay a restocking fee!! (for returning a faulty item…) Entirely dissatisfied with both manufacturer and vendor.

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Welcome to the Community @Brendan2,

Bunnings web includes a ‘marketplace’ similar to Amazon whereby they sell their own merchandise and offer a platform for others. In the case of the bar fridges you should notice this prominently displayed

Back to your problem, without making any judgement on the noise or compressor I suggest you read your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. You can find many links to Choice and ACCC advice, including the all-important Letter of Complaint using the Community search.

Since you are unsatisfied with their reply you will need to go formal with a Letter of Complaint to Timeless Living, cc Bunnings and Devanti, using the advice for that in the numerous other topics. If the fridge was delivered faulty you have many rights. If you do not get resolution engage your state fair trading office (that is often fairly ineffective, but part of the process) and then on to your civil tribunal if you feel it worthwhile financially or to make your point.

Please keep the topic updated as to how you go with it.


Check the shelving. Many bar fridges have shelving that will vibrate in harmony with the compressor. Shelf rattling can be mitigated by soft foam/felt placed on the shelf edges before inserting the shelves. Also try placing pads under the feet as compressor vibrations can transfer to the floor causing nearby things to rattle.

If this doesn’t fix the rattles, see if there is information on noise levels in the technical specs for the fridge. If it has information and the fridge noise is within spec, and you are unhappy with the noise it makes, it will be classed as a change of mind if you want to return it. See what the change of mind policy, if any says as this will guide what can happen.

If the fridge is making noise ‘out of spec’, it may mean there is a fault with the fridge. If there is a fault, then this will be covered by the Australian Consumer Law… and the seller will need to resolve the noise issue.

If the seller said at purchase the fridge is very quiet, when the tech specs indicate it isn’t, this would be misleading under the ACL. There may be opportunity to get resolution under the ACL if this the case.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. Rest assured, not the shelving vibrating in this case. (wish it was…) As to the noise level, yes a good point, and I can only say that if this noise level is “within spec,” there is a bigger problem at play here! Appreciate the advice, thanks…

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