Detox foot patches

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Has anyone used Happy Feet foot patches, or had ANY experience with foot patches? They are supposed to draw out toxins via a patch that you apply to the bottom of your feet and other locations on your body.



I have no experience to draw on of the particular product as I have never tried such a thing.

The reason is that the makers give no evidence that they do anything useful nor any mechanism by which they might act. The maker’s web site says:

  • Helps to withdraw undesired toxins form the bodyromotes a detox in the body

Which I find meaningless. They also say:

Note: The statements contained on this website have not been reviewed or approved by the Therapeutic Goods administration for their validity. Nothing contained on this site is meant to infer or state that the products are for the treatment of any disease or ailment.

So to get it past the TGA they have to declare that it is not a medicine or medical treatment.

The detox industry works on several claims:

  • that your woes are caused by toxins,
  • their system will remove those toxins and
  • consequently you will be more healthy and feel better.

So what does it actually do? It turns brown. You are expected to think that the “toxins” whatever that may mean are this brown gunk that may have come out of your feet. We have no data about what that substance may be or where it came from or what ‘removing’ it (assuming it is removed) might achieve.

Unless there is some evidence lurking that I cannot see my conclusion is that the detox industry are making it all up and in particular these pads do nothing useful and are a waste of money. But its all natural! Which is just another meaningless claim.

I nominate this product for a Shonky award.


The evidence suggests that these products are very effective at drawing out money from your wallet or bank account.


I have some Chinese heritage and while I can’t vouch for any of it … My GGfather survived the Great Flu Epidemic using it, so this treatment became de rigueur for us as children. GGF maintained that if you are sick it is due to poisons in the body and the best places to draw them out are the extremities - fingers and toes. Toes are the most convenient.

The treatment was cut raw onions wrapped around the toes held in place with oversized socks. When blisters appeared the foot was dunked in the hottest water we could stand, then into freezing water, until the blisters burst. Then it was repeat the treatment until the patient began improving. I stank for ages after, no one came near me, so that would have kept the viruses away. A much cheaper option.


These products are scams or shams. There are no scientific studies have been published that show that detox foot pads work or that they are safe. It is possible that some may not be safe as they contain chemicals which discolour the skin…the claims are discolouring of the skin is proof that toxins have been removed…hhhhhmmmm…

In the US, the Federal Trade Commission has even charged some distributors of detox foot pads with deceptive advertising and their claims.

Don’t waste your money. You would be better giving what you would spend on such patches to a charity or stranger as it would have some benefit and possibly make you feel better on the inside for being charitable.


I have been wearing orthotics for years, and the only thing they draw out is sweat. Looking at the photos on their website, sweat and dirt is all that is collected :laughing:

This commodity is on a par with other magical health conferring products that benefit no-one; except the seller(s).


Maybe there’s a renewed push currently happening on these products, I was receiving ads for a similar product called Nuubu over the weekend. A fact check on this particular product, uncovered after a quick search, shows the claims have been disproven. A number of websites such as WebMD and the Mayo clinic have general warnings about using detox patches.


They have a dye in them that will colour with moisture no matter where they are put, eg a glass of water. This is supposed to “demonstrate” the magic of toxin removal. Toxins don’t draw through your feet. The liver does a really good job on them


There are similar beliefs in many cultures going way back to pre-history. Bleeding, trepanning, balancing etc go back though the ancient Greeks, it turns up under various names in witchcraft and oriental belief systems as well. Dark ages Christianity dabbled too I think. Hippocrates (he of the oath) wrote about the humours of the body.

Removal of toxin sounds more sciencey than evil humour. I once glanced at a book of a similar name but it turned out to be the wit of Paul Keating.

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As others have said, your liver and kidneys do a wonderful job of clearing out toxins, none of these patches, detox diets or any other expensive remedies do anything but drain your bank acct.


The rule of thumb is, if it’s a consumer product that contains the word “toxin” in its name or marketing materials, it’s hooey.


Here is the real McCoy.

It is so good that Malwarebytes is trying to stop people from finding out about it.

But they can’t hide the “truth”.

Even the ABC News website has an article regarding these miracle cures.



Happy Natural Therapies have revamped their web site.

The rather obscure claim
“Helps to withdraw undesired toxins form the bodyromotes a detox in the body” (sic) has disappeared.

But what are we offered instead? As well as foot patches we also have ear candles and eye patches. They are still vague about what these products are supposed to do and there is more on their contents but as before no evidence of their outcomes.

There is a great deal of vague waffle and no specifics. The following is interesting.

Buy your ear candles and ear candling equipment online with us knowing we are a trusted Australian owned company since 2006.All our products are listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and NAICS.

This is quite strange as I cannot find any reference to them on the TGA under either the company name or product names. Somebody might like to check my work. It looks to me that in a couple of weeks they have gone from saying the product has been not being reviewed or approved by the TGA to saying it has. As before, all claims no substance.

Secondly NAICS is the North American Industry Classification System. It is used throughout North America to classify businesses with a six digit number based on the primary type of work the business performs. The vendor says they are an Australian company (they do have an ABN) so what is the relevance?

The list of contents of the foot patches is a hoot.

Tourmaline is best known as one of the only minerals to naturally emit far- infrared heat and negative ions. Tourmaline exerts a cleansing and liberating energy that has a very positive effect on the body

How does this mineral keep emitting energy? Is it perhaps a perpetual motion machine? We ought to put these patches in cars that would go forever.

The Eucalyptus tree, for example, is probably the most powerful antiseptic in its class as ozone is formed upon exposure to air.

This claim is made by a number of ‘natural medicine’ sites. I can find no evidence at all that ozone is formed by eucalyptus oil and air and it looks very energetically unfavourable to me. Normally ozone (O3) is formed from oxygen (O2) using the energy from ultraviolet light or electric discharge.

There is plenty more where those two examples came from.

The typo monster has not left them altogether however because they say:

We visit the factories and deliver Happiness in the form of Tim Tams to the wonderful Gales & Guys who make our products.

How Aussie!