Determining best termite bait station

We’ve had Exterra Termite Bait Station system for 10 years, but the person who installed and maintained it has recently recommended we switch to Sentricon. I made a query about this product and was advised to switch to Trelona. All three seem to use the same method - does anybody have any insights into these products?

Hi @WildDebra, welcome to the community.

Is your current method of protection relying on a traditional monitoring and baiting program? Are you being recommended an upgrade to an active system (Active on Application) that requires less personal monitoring?

Both types have ongoing costs. I’ve been quoted the traditional monitor and bait if termites appear system. It’s worth considering whether the cost of the upgrade or change in system results in any savings in annual servicing or inspection over 5 or 10 years. Assuming termites have not been an issue.

If the current system has been effective, is there any real need to change? Are you able to share how often termites have appeared with the Exterra branded bait stations and chemical products?

The alternative of in ground injection requires regular renewal (5yearly or more often). We were quoted $5k to treat our property, extra for the sheds!

Odd note:
We’re rural, and have a population of blind snakes not far from the house which eat termites and eggs. Fortunately the house is on capped concrete stumps more than 100cm clear of the ground.


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We have the ‘Exterra’ and it has worked wonderfully. We also have some ‘Termimesh termite barriers’ installed on a renovated section of the home. Our neighbours have reported having termites, but we haven’t had any apart from occasional nibbles in the traps.

I believe the key is having enough traps and regular monitoring and replacement of baits when needed.

I would question your pest controller as to why s/he wants you to switch after 10 years with the additional cost of setting up the new system. There would need to be compelling reasons to justify the change if your existing system has worked well.

If in doubt, call out other reputable pest controllers and get quotes to maintain your existing Exterra system, and ask if they would recommend any other system.

You can search for more comparison information if you do a search like this.