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Is Smile cover worth buying? Are their dentists good?

Hi @payneheck, welcome to the community.

I am a bit skeptical of the benefits since the membership price for a family is $99/year.

Their website states:

  • Reduced treatment fees on the spot at every visit to a dentist

This raises flags with me as one has to go to a dentist. It is possible that once the dentists know you are a Smile member, the dentists will give you full price (or a higher than normal price) for a visit and then say provide a discount ‘on the spot’ making one think the membership is worthwhile.

What are the comparable savings if one shops around or isn’t a member and asks for a discount/best price?

I might be wrong but I suspect the membership is a marketing tool (like a loyalty club) for dentists that partake in the scheme…rather than real and genuine benefit to the consumer.

Maybe one for Choice to do a secret shopper type survey with to see if savings are real…or marketing puffery.


Our health fund provides (provided?) a Smile membership. We investigated it for a custom mouth guard and found the Smile dentists were much cheaper than our normal one. However, on investigation we also found the product they offered was not the same and would not last as long, so we stuck with our higher priced regular dentists offering.

We never investigated comparative prices for routine services.

I’ll second that.


That is what happened to me. The Dentist even told me it would make no difference.

Their service was good. And price was actually better than many other dentist in the area. But the membership did not have any benefits.