Debit cards - refund

Hi, I am unsure if this is the right place for my query. If not, I understand the post will be moved accordingly.

I am well aware of charge back provisions relating to credit cards when goods are not received etc.

What about debit cards?

Before going into my situation chapter and verse, can anyone indicate if I pay for a service (self serve photocopying) and have a receipt for my up front payment but don’t receive the photocopying, because I lost the card that facilitates the photocopying or the card was stolen in the store, am I entitled to a refund from the merchant or a reversal of the debit transaction from my bank a/c?


If it is a Visa and Mastercard issued debit card (Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit appears on the front of the card), the same charge back process applies to that of a credit card. This is one if the advantages of credit card company issued debit cards.

Contact the card issuer to commence a chargeback on a Visa or Mastercard issued debit card.

For a standard EFTPOS or bank issued debit card, then charge back protection doesn’t exist.

Of if is a store issued top up debit card, such as a photocopy card, charge backs also don’t apply and T&Cs of the card needs to be looked in relation to items not supplied.


Thanks for the reply.
Yes, my DC is a visa.
And it was debited so that the photocopy card would be credited.
My *argument is that I did not get $20 worth of copying or printing done but the DC was still debited.


Sorry, my autocorrect is not working as it should.
I meant to write that

My argument is that…

*corrected above


You will have difficulties getting a chargeback, because if you

and residual credit is on the

which from what you said was

Chargeback doesn’t cover things that were stolen. Service was provided and because it was stolen, it is a police matter. It would be ‘nice’ if stolen things were covered by chargeback, then one might not need insurance for some things.


I suppose if the card is lost then the result for me is as if it was stolen, right?


Yes, a lost card would be treated the same as a stolen card (except reporting to the Police).

A credit card company will say they aren’t responsible for someone losing someone.