Daytime TV shopping fails

We’ve found five products recently promoted on daytime TV, and despite the promise of a bargain, there’s a catch with them all.

We’d love to hear about TV Shopping fails you’ve seen or experienced. Let us know in the comments below.

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I’ve called these channels sales scams since they started, and I know of many cases to prove the point. Recently, someone close enough for me to feel the pain ordered a “free trial” (pay shipping only, a few dollars but still more than the cost of the same amount of sorbolene) of cosmetic products with blatantly false claims. They arrived with long instructions to the effect that you could have your free trial for up to a week, during which you could cancel AND post it back to Singapore. Otherwise, they’ll charge your card (which you surrendered by paying for the shipping) around $200 for each of the two small samples.

As the false claims had to do with wrinkles, if they miraculously did work, nobody would know in a week.

Australia Post was great too. I was offered ‘basic’ or full tracking, and when I asked what is ‘basic’, I was told it’s tracked till it leaves Aus, i.e. it’s not tracked. So I paid over $40 for full tracking because I reckoned without a signature these people would deny having received the return.

With hindsight I think we should have taken advice, as I’m sure the whole deal is illegal and we could have refused to pay. Like so many people, we took the easier, though painful, option.