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Data Standards Body research project

Some of our friends at CSIRO’s Data61 team have shared a new project that seeks consumer input on data privacy in relation to finance and energy. If you have views on data privacy issues that you’d like to share, I’ve included some more information about the project below along with a link to the screening survey.

The Data Standards Body is looking for people to participate in research on data sharing. This research will run over the next 6 months and explore needs, behaviours, perceptions, and expectations relating to the sharing of financial and energy data.

This research will run until June 2020 and explore your needs, behaviours, perceptions, and expectations relating to the sharing of financial and energy data. Sessions will be between 20 and 90 minutes long, and compensation will be given at varying levels depending on the activity.

About the project
The purpose of the research is to develop common standards for consumers to access data held about them by businesses, and – if they choose to – share this data with trusted, accredited third parties. This program is referred to as the Consumer Data Right (CDR), which is being implemented by the Australian Government.

The research will be carried out by the Data Standards body jointly supported by the Australian
Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The Data Standards Body draws on the expertise of CSIRO’s Data61 team. The findings from this research will inform data sharing standards and will shape future decisions and activities related to the Consumer Data Right. The ultimate goal of this research is to help organisations provide people with simple, informed, and trustworthy data sharing experiences.

How to take part
If you are interested in taking part in this research, please complete a screening survey here
( This survey will be used to identify suitable participants for this research project. After completing this survey, you will be considered for addition to a panel of participants who may be asked to participate in future research.

All survey responses will be kept confidential. Participants must be based in Australia.
If you have any questions, please email


Before doing the screening survey; do you have any idea if this participation is on-line or in person?


I think it might be a combination of both. I’ve been told participants will be invited to participate in ‘various interviews and surveys over the 6 month period. Sessions will be between 20 and 90 minutes long, and compensation will be given at varying levels depending on the activity.’


If there is some in person interviewing, I guess that restricts it to people near CSIRO, Sydney?


I’ll have to confirm with them to be sure. They have said they are looking for a diverse range of people, so I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s more expansive or if they have other plans in mind for those who can’t travel.


CSIRO has been big into webinars … they might also have a travelling road show.

I did the screener and the only surprise was the ‘OK’ buttons almost adjacent to the ‘next’ buttons. I ignored them; they could be there to test ‘compliance’ in which case I failed.


Did the survey.

Based on some of the questions, it appears to have been written or to be geared towards younger employed people.

The questionaire could have been better constructed. I hope they improve it before releasing it to a wider audience.


I interpreted it as people who have had experiences needing their data for various activities, and probably a desire to exclude those who might be vested (biased) in the industries.


The front page says …Participants must be based in Australia…rather than restricted to Sydney.

I wonder if panel member participation could be through addition online surveys or questionnaires…and phone contact rather than face to face?


I have an issue with giving the researchers my personal details. This of course means that their sample is going to be skewed away from those of us who want digital privacy.


You and I both :frowning: I’d like to but the terminology in use isn’t inspiring much confidence currently …

Accredited (Authorised) 3rd parties is always a concern (so are 2nd parties) … they tend to get sold after which said data may as well be on the open market! That genetic mail in testing kit company is a good example.

The cynic in me sees that and says well someone is looking for how much they can get away with!

I am hoping the CSIRO are looking at both General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)! Latter probably being most pertinent here.

From Wikipedia (CCPA):

The intentions of the Act are to provide California residents with the right to:

  1. Know what personal data is being collected about them.
  2. Know whether their personal data is sold or disclosed and to whom.
  3. Say no to the sale of personal data.
  4. Access their personal data.
  5. Request a business to delete any personal information about a consumer collected from that consumer.
  6. Not be discriminated against for exercising their rights.

Optimist in me hopes they meant wants not needs :confused:


Just got an email that I made the panel. That wasn’t it. So far so good :slight_smile:

edit: full text included with @meltam’s following post.


I completed the survey 4(?) days ago and received the following reply which may add information or answer some of the questions posted above:

" *Dear …

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our consumer panel recruitment screener for the Consumer Data Right program.*

We would like to inform you that you have been added to our consumer panel.
As a potential research participant on this consumer panel, you may be contacted to participate in for future research sessions.
If you choose to opt out of being on this consumer panel, you can do so at any time by writing to

About the research sessions
Research sessions can be conducted in various ways such as in the form of an interview, prototype testing, or survey, etc. There will be compensation for completing these sessions. These should come in the form of a gift card and the amount of the compensation will vary based on the research activity. We will provide you with more information when booking in a research session.

We have begun research so you may be contacted soon regarding your interest and availability in participating. As this research is ongoing, you may be contacted for other research sessions in the future.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,"