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Dashcam review


The focus of the lens may be some of the issue with the closer focus perhaps the choice here because the accidents we have are by their nature very close to us indeed. What is further out is less important to our needs and is thus not optimised. General direction and similar pieces of information could be useful and are obviously captured but reading the number plate at “300 yards” (I am just using a figure to illustrate rather than any set distance) is probably not of great concern. I would assume the police or traffic cameras would be concerned with detail even further out than our dashcams and so may have better image quality at range and a price tag to match that need.

Also see my above post about fps and blurry images Dashcam review


… might catch some interesting facial expressions …


I’m still looking for that face lol I see a belly, a car that maybe wants a bath, almost all the needful things but alas no face but perhaps that was the intent :laughing:


also looks like someone’s been having fun on the bonnet!


Interestingly the new Citroen C3 can be purchased with an optional factory fitted front dash cam fully intergrated with the vehicle infotainment screen.

I’m considering dash cams for my Mazda, reviews are very helpful.


Our 2019 dashcam review (member content) has just been released.


I have been tempted to buy one, and the one I started looking for is already discontinued by manufacturer, no stock available in many shops, although available from a few including 13 at amazon( US shipped to Australia).

It has to be frustrating doing test when many products are quickly moving targets. I’ll not reveal the product as it is a member review, but



Could Angle of View be a filter as well? And perhaps not just a percentage rating but stating the actual AoV?

The price ranges again are so variable both in the recommended and not recommended. It’s seems Brand name costing is still a huge money spinner for some businesses without actually providing real benefits for that cost.


Some of the unknowns that band names suggest (and deliver or not deliver) are things like reliability, craftsmanship, and back-up service should it be needed. Maybe they use better parts, but if a low cost commodity part lasts as long as a Mil spec in normal use over the product life does it matter? On the other hand the feel of a quality button or slide can make or break one’s opinion of a product although sometimes the feel of the button makes it feel ‘high quality’ and thus deserving of its higher price, when it is a great button connected to rubbish electronics.

Like yourself, I struggle with whether brand-name premiums are justified but like Amex, being exclusive or exhibiting ones affluence or (supposedly) good taste matters to many more than the product.


yeah, me too. Every time I start to look, check reviews here and there, start getting a short list, find most not in the choice tested list. Can’t decide I really want an action camera or dash cam. Would like both functions…


Don’t drop down suction cup dash cams obscure the drivers vision? I’m above average height & for me they are unacceptable. Maybe OK if driving a truck. :slight_smile:
I would disqualify anything that drops down more than a few cm. My short list only contains models like the cylindrical styles, eg Blackview, or direct attaching discreet models like the Street Guardian SGGCX2/SG9663 (not listed/tested) or Viofo A119 series (not listed/tested).
Must be able to be installed almost invisibly behind or alongside the rear view mirror, minimally below the windscreen edge.


This is the one I have. I did have a Navman 380 but it didnt like the heat and kept falling off the window. The Viofo is also safer, because its a capacitor model and thus will not be likely to explode (yes, apparently the battery models can and do.) If I was to buy again, I would get the A129 because its dual channel.


It appears to be a better than average product at a great price point. $229 including a rear camera. Although having to install a connecting cable to the rear is not ideal. It does have a GPS module included too.

I guess one of the review criteria relates to availability in everyday stores like SuperCheap or JB-HiFi etc. Walk in walk out vs online?

Perhaps for next time?


Not really a huge problem, you just tuck it into the roof lining as you go. I’m thinking I might get it soon, theres usually more going on behind than in front. :slight_smile:

My 119 came with the GPS mount and the standard. I installed the GPS mount, and I swear its never coming off the screen. that 3M glue sticks.


How we choose what we review

With so many to choose from, what makes us choose one dash cam to test over another? As with most of our product testing, our aim is to test the popular brands and models on the market and what you are most likely to see in the retailers.

  • We survey manufacturers to find out about their range of models
  • We check market sales information and we also check for any member requests to test specific models.
  • 'From this information we put together a final list that goes to our buyers. They then head out to the retailers and purchase each product, just as a normal consumer would.
  • We do this so we can be sure they’re the same as any consumer would find them and not ‘tweaked’ in any way.


Online only Kogan products often tested.

What is a “a normal consumer” ? Getting harder to define. I’m normal amongst my group, but probably not amongst the wider Choice buyers group, I assume, as my purchase short lists rarely overlap more than 30-40% with tested models.

Edit: Absolutely confident I’m not a normal consumer. Do research, value products and quality quite differently or in ways others wouldn’t think of. Totally abnormal … :upside_down_face:


My satisfaction even with premium suction for phone/GPS mounts is very low. Ended up with using a 3m Command removable adhesive strip to small area on the dash panel. Rock solid, never fallen off. Changed to another vehicle & back again too.

On window surface heat, it is meant to be an advantage of the supercapacitors in dash cams. The advantage of extended running with a battery is noted in Choice guide, but not the additional durability of the supercapacitor. Or is that misinformation?


Yes, there are still cars made that allow one to readily tuck the cable into the space between the frame and ceiling material, but I have noticed more and more models that the ceiling fabric is bonded or fixed in a way that does not allow it to be tucked. The other option if to run it down the A pillar under the dash and then along the centre tunnel to the rear dash or boot door.


Oh dear. I had no idea that the ceiling fabric might be bonded in some way. Whats that about? Making repair more difficult or making the car cheaper… my car is a 2002 model so tucking is still possible.


Ours are both 2004. The locally made one is a bonded lining although in true Ford tradition now separating from the glued to roof foam backing.

Doubtless cheaper than a separate moulded lining panel?

Given the rear camera also needs a source of power, perhaps a Dashcam maker might include a simple ethernet style link over the cars 12v auxiliary power circuit as a solution?