Customer Complaint About A Coles "Green" Chicken

An article regarding a consumer in Perth who states that the BBQ chicken she bought from Coles was green inside.

It certainly looks disgusting but has anyone else ever seen or even heard about a “green” chicken?


No, but I know that “fresh” is not necessarily the go, at Coles. I complained about old vegies, and chooks that no longer had a “cooked-on” date at my local. They upped their game for a while but they are slipping back into old habits. Its all about profit.

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Could also be the stuffing. I worked in a chicken joint in my uni days and often, especially when the stuffing was over moist, it stained the nearby meat. Wonder if the chook was stuffed and if it was, its colour.


The photos shown are extreme but we have seen minor green tinge from time to time, although not often. Green tinged chicken happens, and for the reasons Coles claimed.