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CTP Quotes - Who's telling the truth? Browsers Beware!

When trying to determine who would get my (expensive) CTP contribution, I looked for comparisons online. Clear winner was NRMA (according to $311 by a margin of $20.

Called NRMA and about to pay when told the quote was $332. Why the difference I asked. After 15 minutes checking with the NRMA person and about to get an answer the phone line was disconnected.

Called NRMA again went through the same procedure, the answer was the Greenslips website was wrong. I had decided while NRMA was checking I went to the NSW Government recommended site to check their comparison, guess what $311.

NRMA’s answer, NOT our problem, we can’t control these websites.

Sorry NRMA - it is your problem. As I explained to the NRMA supervisor I was complaining too, it basically amounts to false advertising in my opinion.

It’s also a problem for and more so for Services NSW et al. If we can’t trust a government recommended website for correct information you have to wonder how they will handle immunisation passports (I am a Liberal supporter by the way).

All told it took an hour of my time.

PS I went to the next best price shown on the government recommended site (AAMI -$320) only to find AAMI website wanted $333.

Browsers Beware!


Welcome @derf!

In Victoria CTP insurance is automatically included in the cost of the car registration.
One less headache?:laughing:


If Greenslips was in error it strongly suggests their data acquisition is at fault, especially since you found errors at two companies. It could be technical or timing, but it reflect an underdone program.

We get what we vote for :wink:


Not sure how it works in Victoria, but in at least two other jurisdictions that I have experience with, you can select the CTP provider you wish to use out of a number offered. If memory serves, there are five or six organisations’ quotes proffered.

Please not that you can skip that step and use the default insurer; though I am not sure how the default is selected. There may be a ‘preferred’ insurer, or it may be random.


You get your rego bill and it includes a compulsory amount for TAC that is effectively the government insurer. It looks like this…the pesky asterisk is about the GST component. It would be interesting to see how it would go if there was competition, but. TAC is sometimes accused of behaving like a profit centre rather than a government insurer charged with doing the right thing by the injured.


The amounts vary by where the vehicle ‘lives’.


It sounds like their data is out of date or hasn’t been updated since the last price rise. Maybe resources have been focusing on other things or it has been forgotten due to what has been happening in NSW in the past 18 months.

Contact them to let them know the website data isn’t up to date and is not presenting incorrect results. They will possibly appreciate this.

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