CT Healthcare's Niagra Thermo Cyclo Pad

I was asked to look into the Niagra Thermo Cyclo Pad for a sick elderly relative who had signed a contract to buy this product for $4,000.

According to Niagra, on their PRODUCTS page
"Clinical studies have shown that with regular use Niagara Cycloid Vibration Therapy products may:

  • Increase local area blood flow.
  • Assist in the reduction of musculoskeletal pain.
  • Increase joint mobilisation.
  • Reduce excess oedema (Swelling) whether the cause is vascular or lymphatic.
  • Assist in the treatment of wounds where an improvement in local circulation is a factor.
  • Assist in the treatment of pressure ulcers where an improvement in local circulation is a factor."

(bolding above is mine)

Except this is not strictly true as outlined by Mark Hanna in honestuniverse.com. A brief read through the citations in Google Scholar relating to Cycloid Vibration Therapy, the claimed breakthrough technology that makes this product what it is, shows small pilot studies & trials, and sponsored studies. (I think the maximum number of subjects was about 30.) Therefore the reference to “Clinical Trials have show…” is overstated.

Niagra works on direct sales and recruits ‘commision consultants’ who are quickly under pressure to make sales. If they don’t make sales, they are fired. They offer ‘free demonstrations’ in the home and then encourage immediate signing of the contract, and don’t leave a copy of the $4,000 contract with the customer. It would seem that this another company that preys on the elderly with high pressure sales.

The Niagra Thermo Cyclo Pad product is essentially a sausage shaped vibrator which slots into one end of a vibrating heat pad. There are a number of other warnings about the exhorbitant cost of the company’s products including this one.

This business targets the elderly, uses high pressure sales tactics, and make claims for which there is no real independent large scale studies that the product has ever worked as claimed. Finally, the cost of their products are astronomical for what they are.

Consequently, I have suggested that they write a letter cancelling the contract, hopefully within the statutory cooling off period. Unfortunately, because they don’t have a copy of the contract, they aren’t sure when the contract was signed, and therefore when the cooling period runs out, but will send the letter off anyway.

Please be wary of this business.


And this one.

And this one.


Perhaps a name change to “Niagra Fails” or “Niagra Falls Over A Cliff”.

At our local shopping centre, there has been a display of 3 adjustable beds, staffed by 3 persons who appear to have graduated from the HN Sales Academy.

I ensure that I check that my wallet is still in my back pocket each time I walk past.

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