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Cryptocurrency email extortion scams


I agree with why didn’t they do it from Nigeria but just very glad they didn’t so they actually got caught.

I think haveIbeenpwned will continue to grow it’s listings unfortunately as security of details is impossible to give to any user of any online service/portal/site. The best you can hope for is timely warnings when it goes awry and efforts to improve security at every possible point. What we really do suffer from is lax reporting by many and poor responses when they do respond, and thankfully we have services like haveIbeenpwned to help us be informed and aware.


Well over 30 in the last month - someone is trying hard. My other contacts have similar experience, all from the same breach. One has nearly double the number of emails …

I’ve been shown an email exchange with this company - I’m still trying to comprehend how anyone would respond to a security breach by migrating compromised username/password pairs to the new ‘more secure’ system, let alone a company selling computers/parts - 50 shades of stupid … if this is how they treat passwords, imagine what they do with credit card details! U have been warned :slight_smile:

A little OT, but after two attempts to get registered/recognised as a non-commercial user, I’ve removed Teamviewer from all my machines and others I help. Sadly Teamviewer seems to have gone the way of LogMeIn - probably got enough paying customers to clear the decks of freeloaders :slight_smile:


An article regarding police charging a woman for stealing Ripple cryptocurrency.

It appears that 100,000 Ripple units are now “worth” around $64,000 so presumably there will be a request for the charge to be downgraded.

I am not sure what is the biggest scam. This theft or the cryptocurrency itself.


Today it’s about $45,000 so if she can delay long enough it might be a slap on the wrist for stealing $10 :slight_smile:


This is some useful - finally - news about online credit card security.


Some say it all relates to a breach 7 years ago … but now it’s time to reap the benefits? Maybe it just took 11 years to sell the data to the bad guys, either way, the handling of this breach was ‘interesting’ …