Crocs with bum bags

Crocs can be a controversial footwear choice when it comes to fashion, but despite any divisiveness, people still seem to love the aerated plastic footwear. Now we have a new editiong with built-in bum bags (or fanny packs) on the heel.

What do you think of this product, with the addition of storage? Do you have any other unusual footwear examples to discuss? Vote in our poll and comment below.

  • :+1: Crocs with bum bags, how awesome
  • :-1: I don’t like them

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I really like Crocs, for the flexible footbed.

I switched to a pair of Birkenstock knockoffs early last year because the last pairs of Crocs I bought seemed to be a much smaller fit (called it Roomy but the same size as the standard that I mistakenly bought) and my swollen feet dont fit anymore. The knockoffs came from Germany (Dr. Brinkmanns) and whilst they are very comfortable, the footbed doesnt flex and my feet are becoming very stiff (osteoarthritis).

As for that bumbag… thats just brainless.


Any weight in the pouch, such as coins, would drag the strap down.

The only people I can think of that would like them are the American Gangstas who wear their pants so low that that would be an appropriate height for their pocket. :smile:


The day Crocs went gangsta :rofl:

I knew I started this thread for a reason.


Maybe not.

Perhaps you want to pop down to the beach and take as little with you as possible. Perhaps just some change and the front door key. You know, the things that can destroy the fine line of your designer budgie smugglers or two piece?

Now there is some where else to put them and feel the freedom of having to carry nothing in your hands, and possibly nothing in your head all at the same time!

Oh dear, lost that one? :wink:


Without commenting on the design of the Croc’s, I can understand the case for a small compartment in a shoe. All the more ideal if it is hidden, to carry a spare key or for situations as you have described.

Good luck at the airport though.


I have a hat with a built in hidden internal pocket for situations like that. Not nearly as conspicuous. As they say… to keep it secure; keep it under your hat. :smirk:


Divisiveness? Edition?

/pedant patrol out

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Thank you, error corrected :slight_smile: