Creditline and other debit card rolling exit fees

I have a creditline account, it;s handy for big ticket items under interest free payment terms but they charge a monthly account fee and a payment processing fee. The problem is when it gets to the last payment they keep looping the fees. I made a clearing payment for the last of my debt and then the next day they dropped an account fee and a payment processing fee, I thought it was pretty rude but figured it’s $5.90 and I’ll pay it straight away and we’ll be done, and then a 95c payment processing fee got added. Apparently I was supposed to pay the payment processing fee in advance if I wanted a $0 balance…I rang and got this sorted but this is one of those things that really annoys me as a consumer.


Thanks for letting us know about your Creditline experience @GA_ACT. Those fees can really add up over the year :frowning: