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Credit cards and self-funded retirees


FWIW I have a US issued card that has no fees and a 1% rebate. It leaves the 28 degrees in its dust. :slight_smile:

Paying bills cross-border incurs currency conversion losses and attention to balancing free cash accordingly. Not sure how it would go getting the card in the US these days, but. I never saw a card offer here that was close so also have a big bank card loaded with our typical cross border/currency fees, but domestically is pretty good.

Those seem to be the oldies options.


I had one already, I’d never qualify for one now, having only a government pension. I pay 3x the minimum repayment (would that I could pay it off completely) but I keep it running for those just in case things. I’d have it paid off in 2 years if I never spent on it again. But, theres that garage door that needs replacing, and the stove thats on its last legs. etc. My estate, such as it is, will deal with it.


I have a VISA FF card with ANZ and recently asked my credit union about getting one of their low fee VISA cards, due to the excessive fees paid on the ANZ one- $360/year! I’m unemployed but able to access my super, with only a few hundred on the VISA but it was a no-goer due to not having an employer and regular income, so I’ll have to stick with my exising card for now.