Credit Card Payments


wondering if anyone had this experience

I changed the amount of direct debit payment for my credit card, but unexpectedly instead of the vendor making this payment operate on the statement date.
They placed in in the literal 1st of the month

As result the 1st of month is before the statement date, and after the statement due date.
therefore advance payment doesn’t cover the statement and next payment is late so i got lumped with a late fee + interest

further 1st is not in my pay cycle so ended up a direct debit rejected (4 days after pre change statement payment)

Leading to next, the failed direct debit was reversed and classified as a cash advance leading to very large interest bill,
is a reversal really a cash advance?

I suggest you ring and discuss it with the card issuer. They should be happy to fix it up, but if not you can initiate a formal complaint process.


unfortunately they were not happy to fix, they refunded the reversal fee,

but only now i realise that they classify the reversal as the expensive hidden cash fee.

I would imagine it is common to hide it quietly like that

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You could lodge a formal complaint with your card issuer rather than a customer service request, if you have not used that route. If that does not resolve your complaint you can then complain to


Thanks Phil will try service and complaint to provider,

Their automated statement closing period is 15th of every month and due 3rd of every month.

I instructed a change of figure from 210 to 230 but have never ever dealt with a provider that would change the routine in such a bizarre manner & move DD outside of schedule if a dollar figure is changed
They changed it back to 1st sept when i questioned them about aug but they did fix not the $100+ cost in fees & interest + $230 becoming cash purchase from origin of 8th issue

Direct Debit list :frowning:

01 Sep 2021 −$220.00

08 Aug 2021 −$230.00

01 Jul 2021. −$210.00

01 Jun 2021. −$210.00

03 May 2021. −$210.00

01 Apr 2021. −$210.00

01 Mar 2021 −$210.00

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This does sound a bit odd and maybe either a system error on their part of someone not changing dates correctly.

Our own credit card has the date for direct debit based on the monthly statement date, so that one can ensure there are sufficient funds in the drawing account before payment is actioned.

They have two options, move the the statement date or move the direct debit date so that they line up…not rocket science.

Having a direct debit date different to a statement date doesn’t make sense and is something you need to complain about. I would also be saying that if they don’t resolve, you will take your business elsewhere - which often drives action/resolution.